Our mission is to build an effective, county-wide association of community clinics that efficiently deliver culturally appropriate quality healthcare to the medically indigent, underserved, uninsured and/or underinsured

We envision a sustainable, well-resourced, politically influential association of community clinics that provide the people of San Bernardino County with accessible, quality, affordable, and culturally

San Bernardino County is a new, non-profit association focused on primary healthcare clinics for residents in need of care.

While the clinics are accessible to all in search of a healthcare home, there is a focus on delivering culturally appropriate, quality healthcare for those who are medically indigent, underserved or uninsured.

The Community Clinic Association provides advocacy, public policy and education services as well as resource sharing to help primary care clinics maintain and strengthen their regional network of quality and accessible care.

The association also provides education and support specifically focused on the new federal Affordable Care Act.

In addition, the association helps individual clinics strengthen their role as small and medium sized businesses providing jobs and positively impacting the economy in the region. The association builds on the extensive experience of health professionals and support staff who have been effectively serving the San Bernardino County region for many years. A small team of highly qualified consultants and staff work on behalf of member clinics and the county’s residents who utilize the services of the clinics.