Ankovo Thermometer Review

ANKOVO Digital Infrared Thermometer for Fever, Ear and Forehead it’s the infrared thermometer the Ankovo forehead and ear thermometer we’re in the middle of a pandemic the coronavirus 19. i’ve been testing my temperature using a food thermometer a food infrared thermometer and it has been well less than accurate so this came up on […]
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ANKOVO Digital Infrared Thermometer for Fever, Ear and Forehead



it’s the infrared thermometer
the Ankovo
forehead and ear thermometer
we’re in the middle of a pandemic the
coronavirus 19. i’ve been testing my
temperature using a
food thermometer a food infrared
thermometer and it has been well
less than accurate so this came up on
amazon deal of the day
16.99 and i thought what the heck i’ll
give it a try
it’s a forehead and ear thermometer
it says it has a one second reading that
says it has
clinical accuracy and it’ll even check
the temperature in the room
comes in a nice little bag
it’s got some quality control has a user
guide which we will get into
just a little bit but basically we’re
going to
open this up take a look at this thing
we’re going to put the 2 2
a batteries that it came with we’re
gonna put those in
put the cover back on
says if they want me to register
as a vip to extend the warranty for two
let’s stick that on the box
and there you go so it says position the
probe at the middle of the forehead
keeping con
keep in contact so i guess it has to
touch your forehead
press and hold the on button and scan
the temple
okay so you put it on your forehead
and then you scan the temple
i got nothing
all right we’ll try that again so what i
did was
all right so we’re going to test it on
my forehead
so to test it in the ear that worked
okay we’ll try it again
press it on press it to my forehead
97.2 i’ll try it out here
let it go 97.3 that’s not bad
so it says
to try it in your ear this little cap
comes off
and you get this goes in your ear hole
and you do the same thing
pull the ear back and up so it fits
snugly into the ear
click the power button
and there you go so we’re gonna pick it
just to get my ear
97.9 so 97.9
in my ear i think i’ll keep that out of
my ear
so we’ll test that on my forehead again
on 97.6
seems to be working okay well we’ve been
using this for the past couple of days
i like it it’s it’s not heavy but it’s
doesn’t feel really cheap or anything
either um
it’s a it’s a good product i’m glad i
got it we can monitor our temperatures
and with a little more accuracy than we
had in the past
would i buy it again yes i would would i
recommend that you buy it
yes i would it’s a nice product thank
you for watching

Ankovo Thermometers

The Ankovo Thermometer is a new infrared thermometer that gives you the accurate readings you need. This brand of thermometer has a thermometer dial, which allows it to be used as a digital or analog clock. With the dial on the bottom, it can be used like a digital clock that will read your exact temperature each time you flip it. This means that there is no more guessing or turning the dial to find the right temperature for what you are doing. It is read just like a regular thermometer. But, with this brand, you can have the ability to have multiple readings by using the serial number and combination numbers.

The Ankovo Infrared Thermometer has a display window, which is easily read even from a distance. This thermometer can sense your body temperature at any point in time and display the results on its LCD screen. With its high accuracy and ten years of service in the market, you can be assured that this brand of thermometer will work for you. Its unique feature is the ability to simultaneously monitor your body temperature at rest and during activity. If you are an athlete or you train hard, the Ankovo fever medical infrared forehead monitor can keep track of the changes you make in order to determine if you are training properly or not.

It has a probe cover that is made from high quality materials and is easy to clean. You do not have to worry about it getting contaminated with dirt or germs, which would lessen the accuracy of the results. It also has a high precision mechanical engineering, which makes it one hundred percent reliable. Each thermometer has a unique code that can only be decoded with the help of its unique sensor, which only a doctor can do. With this code, the device can tell you how many readings you have taken and the corresponding temperatures.

The Ankovo fever has an anti-microbial mechanism to combat bacteria and other microorganisms that can damage the device and affect its accurate readings. In fact, no type of bacteria can survive inside its lens filters. In order to maintain the perfect results of each measurement, the brand uses four non-corrosive silicone gel lens filters. This means that you will never have to worry about it getting contaminated with bacteria. Also, the thermometer comes with a Braun thermoscan hood that keeps the bulb from damage. It is very simple and easy to use; it even has an indicator light that will let you know when it is ready to be used.

As I have mentioned above, this forehead thermometer has a unique mechanism that allows it to determine your body temperature accurately. Although most of the thermometers today come with the thermometer as part of its package, the forehead has its own special function. You can use it to measure the temperature of your forehead just by putting your fingers under it. This is a great advantage because it will save you time and money in the long run.

The Backlight Ankovo Thermometer has a backlight that can be used in the night. It comes with a protective cap that will protect it from damage and keep you from getting shocked from the light. It is very reliable and you will love the way it displays your body’s temperature during nighttime. The LCD display is very clear and you can see your baby’s temperature right away.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Stew

    We purchased this thermometer because we had to take our children’s temperatures before school every day and we didn’t trust the accuracy of the previous one. This one has a German sensor in it, and we found it to be very reliable after using it. We could also calculate the temperatures of the objects within the range. I like that you can muffle the beeps if you want. It is also lighter in weight and has a more streamlined style than our previous one. It will make normal temperature tests at school a breeze!

  2. Natalie

    Looking for a thermometer that I could use on the kids without being too intrusive. When they’re sick, they don’t like being poked and prodded, so this seems like a nice solution to be able to take their temperature, particularly if they’re sleeping but want to know that their fever isn’t rising.

  3. Amber

    In general, this is a good thermometer. As compared to other infrared thermometers on the market, it is a decent buy.

    Personally, I don’t think any infrared thermometer is very reliable. I have them simply to get an estimate of the temperature easily. A reading from the forehead is typically 1/2 to 1 full degree lower than an oral reading, whereas a reading from the ear is usually 1/2 to 1 full degree higher than an oral reading. That includes ALL thermometers that make use of those contact points. That being said, this thermometer fits within those parameters and performs as expected. Please have a brief reading.

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