Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Review

The price of Suunto heart rate monitor in the US is between $64.95 for the cheapest model and $81.20 for the most expensive heart rate sensor, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Suunto 3 Fitness Tracker Sports Watch, Burgundy reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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Product Page
Suunto 3 Fitness Tracker Sports Watch, Burgundy reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Suunto 3 Sports Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate
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Product Page
Suunto 9 Baro GPS Sports Watch and Smart Heart Rate Monitor Band, White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch with Long Battery Life and Wrist-Based Heart Rate
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Suunto SS021964000 Ambit3 Vertical HR Monitor Running GPS Unit, Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
SUUNTO Unisex Ambit3 Vertical Multisport GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
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Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Heart Rate Monitor White - HRM, One Size reviewed by Community Clinic Association
SUUNTO Ambit2 R GPS Heart Rate Monitor
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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Demo Video



what’s up guys I’m Jeff Roselle from
rizz no calm today we’ve got the sento
Spartans sport HR so picture the centos
Spartan but with a risk-based heart rate
sensor that’s this guy right here so
latest multi-sport watch pretty pumped
to check it out in this video we’re
going to cover the five best and worst
features about it I’ve only had it for
the last couple of days so it’s not a
deep dive video about it but I’ve got a
pretty good idea of what I think of this
device so let’s get to it
all right so sento did have some
problems with the Spartan lineup early
on but they released a ton of updates
and pretty regularly with those updates
I was excited to check out the Spartan
HR so as an FY this guy retails for five
hundred bucks and pre-orders start today
I’ll link it down below in the
description if you want to check it out
so that’s actually less than we were
conditioned to think originally so a
little bit of a price discount there but
still five hundred bucks is expensive
it’s not nearly as expensive though it’s
a bunch of different Garmin devices out
there but you know it’s not really
undercutting Garmin buy all that much
it’s still an expensive watch and if
it’s too expensive for you but you still
want an awesome GPS watch you got to
check out our website rizz neucom the
link to that is right here on the screen
and here’s the deal we don’t sell
anything ourselves we just find awesome
deals on gps watches and we post about
them every day if not every hour so
we’re going to be able to save you some
money if you don’t want this particular
watch so check that out when you get a
chance okay so the sento Spartan Sport
HR this guy is a multi-sport watch it is
an activity tracker a heartrate monitor
it has some smart features layered on
top particularly smart notifications
that show up on your wrist it’s got a
stopwatch and a daily alarm you also
have up to 80 different sport profiles
you can choose from including running
cycling swimming triathlons strength
training kettlebell workouts CrossFit
all that stuff basically anything you
could dream up and you can create your
own and within the moves count web
portal you can create different training
plans you can also select from preset
training plans or you can have your
coach create new training plans
and you can think those straight to the
device so that’s pretty awesome it is
water-resistant down to a hundred meters
it has gps and glonass now in terms of
battery life CentOS says it’s going to
be what you see here on the screen now I
haven’t been able to test it for very
long so I can’t give you a definitive
answer with regard to battery life my
estimate though is probably for the
average person it’s going to be seven
days look battery life is decent it’s
not as good as some of the Garmin
devices out there but decent battery
life especially if you’re using the one
that gives you hopefully up to 12 hours
now it also has some navigational
features so you can set point of
interest you can set specific routes so
you can follow them on the watch and in
different sport profiles you have bread
crumbing so that’s most of the
high-level features about this launch
most of stuff you can expect there but
my five favorite features about it here
they are all right so number one is the
heart rate monitor so normally I really
wouldn’t get all worked up about a risk
heart rate sensor we’ve seen it on so
many other devices but this one is
actually made by valence cells so they
make pretty much one of the best if not
the best risk based heart rate sensor
you’ve seen it on the skosh width and
plus and other headphones and other
devices out there and it’s really
awesome I mean it’s pretty darn accurate
it’s even accurate mostly for weight
training I mean great for running great
recycling and pretty good for weight
training it’s not exactly on with a
chest strap heart rate monitor but very
close definitely passable so to answer
your question yes it’s better than the
elevat– heart rate sensor from Garmin
if I had to choose a heart rate sensor
for a GPS launch I would go with this
bad boy now obviously running that heart
rate sensor is going to hurt battery
life a little bit and in the future by
the time that you get the device it will
be tracking your heart rate 24/7 it’s
not right now but in a software update
we will get that feature now for
swimming this guy is not going to be
tracking your heart rate even though
when I switch it into the swimming mode
it does show the little lights there but
essentially it’s not going to be used
for swim tracking for that if you want
to track your heart rate get the centos
smart heart rate sensor and then after
you jump out of the pool that can sink
your heart rate to your
number two heat maps this might be my
favorite feature about the Spartan HR
although technically it’s not unique to
this device it was just launched
alongside these partner series these
heat maps are awesome they allow you to
see how popular different areas are for
different sports so what you’re looking
at right now is how popular a burn is
for hiking and trail running so you can
see that it is a big epicenter for
anybody that wants to get outdoors so
you can see that there’s a bunch of
trails you may want to go on and you can
select those trails and sync them
directly to the device also check out
how busy La Jolla is in San Diego for
swimming so I really like these heat
maps I think it’s a creative feature I
think it’s really useful actually and I
love that you can sync them directly to
device now on the flip side of that it
also allows you if you want you to avoid
people right if you know that’s a hot
spot if you know that’s a busy spot you
can go somewhere else if say you want to
navigate outside and you don’t want to
see a ton of people
number three details data field so this
is a small thing but I like that sento
doesn’t just give you the information on
your wrist
they also display some of it in charts
so you’ve got heart rate chart you’ve
even got a real-time heart rate graph
when you’re running so you can kind of
see how you’re doing on a graph as you
run so it’s obviously going to give you
your pace and all of that stuff and just
show you the information but I like that
they’ve kind of added a little bit more
to it by giving you those charts number
four durability this guy is not the
sapphire unit the one that I have but it
still feels like a beast of a watch very
burly thick band and it feels like it’s
going to take a hell of a lot to beat
this guy up so I think it’s going to be
a very durable watch less up here on the
positive side number five is the
software on the watch so it’s not my
favorite software that I’ve seen on any
watch out there but I think it’s pretty
good relative to what we’ve seen from
sin throw in the past it’s pretty easy
to navigate pretty you know thoughtfully
laid out pretty easy to jump right into
when you first get to watch so I like
the software it’s not the best out there
but definitely an improvement and I
think that they’ve made these smart
notifications better this go-around so
you’ve got more characters to read I
little bit more useful plus there’s just
a subtle notification so it’s not kind
of yelling at you that you have a
notification so I think a big plus in
terms of the new software we see on the
now also related to software our first
negative is that the mobile app just
isn’t as good as we want it to be so
they’ve got a great web portal very
robust in terms of features an awesome
web portal obviously there’s still
improvements they can do to that but
there’s a pretty big disconnect in terms
of what you can do in the mobile app
versus what you can do on a desktop app
I would love the mobile app to have more
features to it a better layout more
aesthetically pleasing and more useful
it just feels like there’s a pretty big
chasm between what you can do on the
desktop app and what you can do on the
mobile app so it’s not my favorite
mobile app out there I think you know it
probably goes Fitbit and it goes Garmin
then Under Armour then maybe misfit then
TomTom then sent those not really my
favorite so some work to be done there
number two it’s big and it’s heavy
although if you look at the specs it’s
actually lighter than some of the other
watches out there and smaller than some
of the other watches but for some reason
it’s rigid and kind of feels bigger on
my wrist it feels heavier
it doesn’t conform to my wrist as much
it just feels bigger and clunkier and
heavier although I was pretty happy that
they got rid of the GPS nub now keeping
with the design of this guy the hardware
it does have a pretty clear display
pretty nice display it’s big and it’s
large and it’s full color and it’s a
touchscreen but looking at it and
comparing it to like my garments Phoenix
3 the Garmin Phoenix 5 it’s not quite as
vivid it does have a backlight but it’s
just not as good if you ask me if you
look at it on paper it’s supposedly
going to be better but it’s harder to
read it’s a little bit darker not quite
as vivid I think the display is good
it’s not great it’s not my favorite
feature about this guy number 4 activity
tracking this might be the biggest
shortcoming of sento so I get it that
they are a performance company but
they’re making multi sport watches and
GPS launches and activity tracking comes
second and whereas Fitbit they’re an
activity tracking company and the
performance stuff comes second and you
can only mostly be one but I would like
sento to work
moron activity tracking right now this
guy tracks your steps your calories
burned and as of March 30th also your
heart rate all day long but that’s it no
sleep nothing kind of layered on top
it’s not really a big focus on the
mobile app although it is in there I
just think that they could do a better
job with the activity tracking I think a
lot of people will be swayed to come
over to Sun so if they made a big push
in activity tracking and along those
same lines number five smart features so
yes it shows you your smart phone
notifications but there’s nothing that’s
really that x-factor feature so you
don’t have weather you don’t have a
calendar you don’t have any additional
watch places like you can customize it
to a certain extent but there’s nothing
really above and beyond in the
SmartWatch category look it’s a really
nice sport launched a great sport GPS
launch but I’d like them to add in some
other smart features and really try to
you know knock the lid off this thing on
the smart features it really only has
like the very base line minimum features
there so that is the Spartan sport HR
yes I really do like it I’ve enjoyed
testing it and it’s a pretty awesome
launch but I’d like to hear what you
guys think so write me down below in the
comments and I’ll see you guys in the
next video what’s up guys the pain the
pain train in the house if you want to
see the behind the scenes of R is know
check out our snapchat mosphere our
latest deals check out Facebook and
Twitter and then if you want you some
cool pictures and visit what’s going on
right now check out our Instagram one at
the end of a video like this one on

Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Deals and Discounts

Suunto Heart Rate Monitors

Suunto heart rate monitors have various designs and can be attached to the wrist or chest. The chest strap is popular among runners and other physically active people. They are easy to wear and provide a relatively accurate reading. In addition, the strap is also compatible with GPS. To learn more about the different types of suunto heart rate monitors, read our full review. Here are the pros and cons of these devices.

The Smart Sensor provides accurate heart rate data and superior performance in sports. It comes with R-R memory and can measure heart rate without the use of a watch. It supports Suunto watches. Its R-R memory allows you to record your heart rate even when you are away from your watch. It also works with the Suunto Flow app. However, it is best to check the user manual before purchasing.

The Suunto Smart Sensor is an excellent heart rate monitor. Its traction strips make it comfortable to wear. The chest strap is machine washable. It’s available in different colors. A chest strap is the most common type of chest strap. It is adjustable to fit almost every body shape and size. Despite its low price, it offers great value for money. The Smart Sensor has a lifetime warranty, making it worth the purchase.

The Suunto Smart Sensor has a two-year warranty and no user manual. While the Suunto Smart Sensor only works with the default app, the Polar H10 Smart Sensor has support for a number of popular apps. ANT+ technology is a wireless technology that allows the device to send data to various devices. This feature is ideal for Suunto’s wireless heart rate monitors. It uses a low-power Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones and other devices.

The Suunto Smart Sensor is another new addition to the heart rate monitor market. Compared to similar products, it has better features. The watch can rate heartbeats in real time and is water-resistant up to two meters. It is highly recommended for swimmers and others who need to know their heart rate. The battery life of the Smart Sensor is excellent and the Suunto Smart Sensor is more accurate than most. The Smart Sensor is easy to set up and operate.

The Suunto Smart Sensor measures and records your heart rate. It has a wireless connection and is suitable for athletes. Its upper part has a light-sensitive chip and is durable. It is an affordable option, and you can buy one that meets your personal requirements. Just be sure to check the manual carefully to avoid scams. The best ones come with a warranty. If you are looking for a quality Suunto heart rate monitor, you should be able to find a product that is worth the money.

The Suunto T1c is a strapless heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate in real time. It can be used with HRM clips and comes with a light sensor. This monitor is an excellent choice for people who exercise regularly. Moreover, it is easy to use and is convenient for all kinds of people. The heart rate information that you receive from the Suunto watch is useful in many ways, so it’s worth getting one for yourself.

The Suunto Trend Monitor is a strapless heart rate monitor that allows you to track your heart rate throughout the day. It is easy to use and is compatible with HRM clips. It has a chip that determines the intensity of your exercise. The upper part has a light sensor, which makes it easy to read and durable. The SSWHR is the perfect companion for other fitness equipment. And because it is wireless, you can also use it while working out in the outdoor environment.

The Suunto Smart Sensor is a strapless heart rate monitor with the advantage of a light sensor. It also records your heart rate during a workout. This is a great feature when you have a lot of activity throughout the day. You can also keep track of your resting heart rate and other vital indicators. Besides a strapless HRM, the Suunto T6d Altimeter Watch is compatible with both a strapless and a strapped version of the Suunto HRM.

Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Guide

Suunto heart rate watch
Suunto Heart rate watch is a fresh addition into the heart rate monitor market. Suunto has many better features than many other similar products available on the market. Suunto’s heart monitor watch comes with an excellent feature to constantly rate heart beats in time. Suunto’s heart monitor watch also comes with an impressive feature to track water resistance up to 2 meters under water.

Suunto’s other watches are waterproof as well, but the Suunto HRM/PoseM and Suunto MP3 monitor are not. The only other thing that some people might find useful about these watches is that they have an alarm that sounds at inappropriate times. This probably won’t be a problem for most people, since the vast majority of activities that would activate this alarm would not take place during normal working hours. Suunto’s other watches however, are all excellent in every way.

Suunto Heart monitor watch has a good feature called alerts. These watches can notify you when you are swimming at your desired pace, distance, pace, or speed while you are in the water or even while exercising from dry land. Suunto’s other nice feature is its distance tracking. This watch will tell you how far you have gone swimming or running, when you entered a pool or lake, how many laps you have covered or ran, and how fast you ran or walked.

Suunto heart rate belt
Suunto heart monitor watches have been one of the most popular heart monitor tools released in the market. Suunto has created several groundbreaking products that have revolutionized the way people monitor their heart and workout. Suunto has consistently sold in high numbers and this has given them the reputation of being a leader in the industry. With these many other products being introduced, Suunto has finally introduced a new product for heart monitoring called the Suunto Smart Sensor, which is sure to revolutionize the way people monitor their heart.

The new version of Suunto heart monitor Watch is sure to be very popular among users due to its simple yet innovative features as well as the stunning design. The new Smart Sensor watch offers a high performance with great accuracy as it uses advanced technology that is very useful for exercising purposes. Some of the key features of this product are the GPS compatibility, automatic pairing of the transmitter with the watch, the absence of RF interference, support for various modes like speed tracking, calorie counting and other such features.

The most interesting thing about this product is that it does not require the user’s manual, which has been a problem for most of the other heart Rate Watches available in the market. This product comes with a two year limited warranty, which can be bought online at the official Suunto website. Users can also check out the Suunto Smart Sensor free movescount, which gives an in-depth analysis of the user’s heart beat patterns and intensity throughout the day. The free movescount contains detailed instructions on how to use the product and even tips on how to develop a healthy eating habit.

Suunto heart rate monitor strap
Suunto heart rate monitors come in many different styles and models, so before buying one you need to consider how you will be using it. Suunto heart rate straps are not only made to measure your pulse rate but they can also be used to monitor your heart beat, take your temperature and record calories burned, among others. These amazing heart rate monitors will help you keep track of your fitness and health by recording your progress and alerts you when you are not in the proper physical condition. Suunto heart rate monitors use a strap that is adjustable to make it easier for you to get a good reading. Whether you are running, jogging, biking or just walking, having the right strapless can be extremely helpful to your exercise routine.

The Suunto Proforce HRM strapless is a simple replace for the Dual Comfort Belt HRM. The strapless model of this monitor features an in-built weight scale, which comes with a built-in memory so that you do not need to enter data twice. The strapless model of the Proforce includes the S-L clip, which is required in order to attach the strap to your chest. This clip, though, comes in three different sizes, so make sure to know your size before purchasing.

The Suunto Trend Monitor is another great strapless heart rate monitor you may want to check out. The strap is lightweight and comfortable for you to wear, plus this monitor can be used with other strap accessories such as the HRM clips. This watch has an advanced computer chip that determines your exercise intensity. The upper part of the strap has a light sensor so that you know whether or not you have enough of the light reaching your chest. The strap is also durable and will last you a long time.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Ryan Bittner

    I just wish that the smart phone and watch can sync to the correct number of steps, because if you walk 2,345 steps on your phone and your watch is 2,233 steps, it should be able to sync to what the data on your phone indicates….but overall, the watch is good and is great for my fitness needs.

  2. AJ

    I’ve wanted a GPS watch for years, but my trusty Nike watch lasted over a decade without even requiring a battery replacement. It finally broke down, and I was able to pick up this beauty. I debated between the Garmin Fenix and one of the Suunto Ambit3 models before settling on the Ambit3 Vertical. I use it for biking, cycling, indoor exercise, and hiking and appreciate all of the stats it collects. I enjoy being able to keep track of my everyday steps, calories burned, heart rate, and so on. If you engage in very strenuous tasks, the battery lasts a long time. I used it to monitor a backpacking trip and discovered that using the GPS app for hours at a time drains the battery.

  3. DT

    I have the white SUUNTO 9 Baro. It was $50 less expensive than the others. My last fitness watch was a New Balance Run IQ. I knew I was updating, but this thing has features I’ll have to get used to. The accuracy is incredible, and no phone is needed to be nearby. I had not anticipated the need for sleep monitoring.

    The only drawback is that the SUUNTO-branded watch bands are exorbitantly priced. To avoid the Silicon rash that comes with long-term wear, I purchased a Bartons 24mm leather and canvas band.

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