WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The price of WrisTech blood pressure monitor in the US is between $28.58 for the cheapest model and $34.89 for the most expensive BP monitor, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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WrisTech North American Health Wellness Color Changing Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Green Yellow Red Coded Readings on 2” LCD Screen and Irregular Heartbeat Indicator One Size Fits All, Assorted reviewed by Community Clinic Association
WrisTech North American Health & Wellness Color Changing Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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WrisTech North American Health Wellness Color Changing Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Green Yellow Red Coded Readings on 2” LCD Screen and Irregular Heartbeat Indicator One Size Fits All, Assorted reviewed by Community Clinic Association
WrisTech North American Health & Wellness Color Changing Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Prime Benefits

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor Demo Video



Hi. It’s Paris from Epic Review Guys
and today I’m going to be trying out
the As Seen On T.V. WrisTech.
This is a wrist band type blood pressure machine.
I’m going to be comparing the results it gives
with my long time, reliable and accurate
home blood pressure machine.
What prompted me to try this out is my dentist.
They actually take blood pressure before they do a cleaning
or any work on my teeth and they use this
type of machine
and since I take my blood pressure at home
with my reliable and accurate machine,
I have a pretty good idea what my blood pressure is
though I know I have a little bit of increased numbers
when I go to the dentist.
Still, when they’ve used this type of machine,
sometimes the numbers are up 10, 15 points,
sometimes down 10, 15 points
so I wanted to get one and try it out
and see if these are really as accurate
as the more traditional type blood pressure machine.
This goes for about 30 dollars.
I found it over at Fry’s.
If you can’t find them locally, I put a link for it
down below this video.
As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been pleased with this machine
I’ve been using, the Omran 780.
The results I get from this always match pretty closely
when I go to the doctor and they take my blood pressure
so I have faith in that one
and this is supposed to be accurate within three
milligrams of pressure, so basically
if it shows your blood pressure is top number 122,
could be 125, could be 119 .
That’s about how accurate it is.
Not a whole lot comes in the box.
They give you a little log book, well,
who keeps track of those?
That’s what you’re counting on the machine to do,
to remember your previous settings
and this will do about 100
of your previous blood pressure settings.
Now what kind of person is buying
a home blood pressure machine?
The kind of person whose eyes
can’t read this tiny typing
and there is no transformer included.
This is very compact
and I have to say for traveling
that this would work well,
this would be a lot better than
when I have to fold this thing up
in order to bring it along on a trip.
Let’s see what this looks like inside.
And once it’s
(mimics sound of explosion)
inflated, if you can still get it back in here.
I’ll test that out, too.
Now, this is tiny
and lightweight.
I don’t have the batteries in it
and it takes two triple A batteries.
Yeah, see it doesn’t have to have that
big long strap go around your arm.
Kind of nice looking!
Here it is, with the As Seen on TV name,
WrisTech here.
I’m not sure which electronic company
actually manufactures this.
Battery should go in here, yup.
And there’s the size of the wrist cuff.
Now, I’ll try it on my-
I think, average sized wrist
and see how much extra room there is
in case you’re wondering if this would fit on you.
I’ve put in the two triple A batteries.
I took off my pebble watch.
They recommend doing it on your left wrist
so I will try that.
Monitor facing you,
snug but not too tight
and about half an inch from
where your palm starts down your arm
is where it should go, so,
that’s about right
and then its got Velcro
over here.
A bigger arm would fit
but a really big arm?
I don’t know.
Okay, we’re going to push the button.
Now, they do say this needs to be at your heart height.
Now, I know at the dentist office
they have you go like this,
The instructions here say I should hold it
with my armband resting on the table,
heart height, and just let my palm relax.
So, here we go.
Press the start button.
Numbers are appearing,
here we go!
(small buzzing noise)
Well, that did take a while,
it inflated very quickly, the deflation took a long time.
125 over 71 with a pulse of 61,
let me show you this,
of course, it’s going to remember that
and it remembers up to 100 settings
so if you took your blood pressure daily,
you could bring into your doctor’s office
about three months worth of data
if you brought this with you.
I’ll try out the other blood pressure machine
after a couple minutes of this arm resting
and then see if I get a similar number.
I have to admit the WrisTech was really easy.
You just slide the wrist in,
Velcro it and push the button.
This is always a little more involved
because I’ve got to line this up
directly with this spot on my arm.
I know sometimes that it fails
and it starts to inflate and gives up
and just gives me an error message.
Now, I know it’s not going to inflate as quickly,
but I hope it deflates more quickly.
I hate that feeling of it
being all under pressure.
Okay, a little different.
My machine is showing 114 over 67 with a pulse of 64.
Now the 67 and the 71, that’s pretty close
but that top number’s quite a bit
different, 114 versus 125.
I waited a few minutes
so I’m going to give this one another try
and see if I can get a number
closer to what the wrist monitor showed.
Attempt number two on the left arm.
Hmmm. 110 over 64 with a pulse of 61.
That top number’s the problem.
Now it’s showing 110.
The original WrisTech result was 125
and that’s a pretty big difference.
I’m going to try the WrisTech again
after a few minutes rest
and then I’ll try them both on my other arm.
A few minutes later, second attempt
with the WrisTech on the left arm
and I think I’ve got all the positioning correct.
Here we go.
Ha Ha! 110 over 65 with a pulse of 61.
This is almost exactly what my arm cuff
blood pressure monitor showed on the last go round.
We’ll try out this first on the right arm.
I have a target number.
I know what I’m shooting for.
This bears out this machine being a good one.
I’m going to show you.
110 over 62 with a pulse of 64,
almost exactly what it showed with the other arm.
Last test now of the wrist monitor,
see what happens.
(Breathes in and out)
129 over 68 with a pulse of 62,
so what can you attribute that to?
How could it change so much?
It was just 110 with the other machine.
Now it’s 129 and that’s a really large difference.
I don’t want to pass sentence with just that one try
in the arm, so I’ve waited a few minutes
and I’ll try one more time here.
Think low blood pressure thoughts.
127 over 67.
Maybe my blood pressure has jumped up
into the 120’s all of a sudden
so I’m going to try one last time
with my arm cuff monitor here
on the right arm.
I was working on thinking relaxing thoughts
and it seems to have worked
because it dropped it from 110 to 108,
so what’s with the 129’s and 127’s?
This number wasn’t too far off
and the pulse was okay,
but I am seeing a big problem
with the results I’m getting with the WrisTech monitor
with the top number of the blood pressure.
I don’t know what’s going on
with the WrisTech monitor
but it’s not working right for me.
It gives me that jump up in number occasionally.
Couple times it got it right
and then a couple times in a row it got it what I believe
is wrong, because as I mentioned,
I’ve been using this for years.
It matches very well with the one
at the doctor’s office
and what they use there is the old-style one
on the wall. They put the thing around,
put the stethoscope in and
(making pumping noises)
do that the old fashioned way!
This matches with that
and this was very consistent today
showing my readings left arm and again,
right arm, and again,
so this seems to be the piece that’s having problems
and it may not be that there’s something wrong
with the mechanism or the calibration,
it could just be that this wrist type blood pressure cuff
is more sensitive to where you have it on the wrist,
if it’s not exactly right position,
if you don’t have your arm the right way,
if , I don’t know, some blood vessel
going through here is on the table
and changes-
I don’t know, but what that means
is the use of this, for whatever reason,
seems to be a little bit less reliable
than the use of this type of machine.
It would also explain why,
at the dentist office,
sometimes my pressure is whoa, 150 something,
are you kidding?
and sometimes it’s lower than what I would
expect it to be
and I ‘m just as nervous every time
I go for my cleaning because oh I know I’m going to use
the Ultrasonic scaler and I hate that!
But the variability happens there.
The variability is happening here as well.
I’m thinking it has something to do with
the design or use of this wrist cuff type
blood pressure monitor.
So, I’ll be sticking with my
Omran 780.
It’s been good to me all these years
it also stores all of the settings.
It’s just big to bring it into the doctor’s office,
just to go through and show them
what my numbers have been the past few months,
but at least I know they
actually are my numbers.
Now, if you’re interested in either of these models,
I’ll put links to both of them down
below this video.
We’ll be doing some more health-related videos
in the future.
You can keep checking back for those videos
or you can click that Subscribe button down below.
You’ll get notified when our videos go up
and we’ll see you on the next review!

WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitor Deals and Discounts

WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitors

The Wristech blood pressure monitor is a wrist device that measures blood pressure. It is an innovative device which is used to measure the blood pressure with a wrist strap. It is very helpful for diabetics as it can measure the blood pressure without having to prick the skin. It is a useful device for the people who are suffering from hypertension and have been advised to get a blood pressure reading daily.

This blood pressure measuring device is very reliable and easy to use. It is used in many clinics and medical institutions.

One advantage of this blood pressure measuring device is that it can be used anywhere in the world and can measure the blood pressure anytime. It is useful and convenient to use and one can easily wear the Wristech blood pressure monitor in their homes or offices.

The Wristech blood pressure measuring device is very effective and can help in determining the blood pressure by itself. It is used to measure the blood pressure of patients who are suffering from high blood pressure and have been advised to have a blood pressure reading every day. It is very convenient and easy to use.

The device is capable of measuring the blood pressure of the patients who have been advised to do so. It has been able to measure the blood pressure of the patients with high blood pressure and can show a graph of the results on the computer screen.

This blood pressure monitor is an essential part of the treatment and should be used by the patients. It is a very useful and reliable device which can help in determining the blood pressure for the patients who have been advised to do so.2} Wristech blood pressure measuring device has a user-friendly screen which can help the users in determining the blood pressure by itself. It is easy to operate and has a display screen which is easy to read.

The Wristech blood pressure measuring device is very easy to use and the users can read the results without having to read a chart. It can also be used by the patients who are suffering from hypertension. It is suitable for the patients and can help them in determining their blood pressure with a small amount of effort.

The Wristech blood pressure measuring device is very safe and can help in monitoring the blood pressure of the patients with high blood pressure. The accuracy rate of this blood pressure measuring device is very good and can be used to measure the blood pressure of the patients with high blood pressure and even those patients who have been advised to do so can get the readings done in the comfort of their homes without having to prick the skin. This blood pressure measuring device is very easy to use and can be used by the users in their offices, homes and even on the go.

WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitor Guide

Wristech wrist blood pressure monitor

The Wristech wrist blood pressure monitor is a new type of automatic pressure monitor that comes with a cuff that goes around your wrists and holds the sensor pads. It works by having three different levels of pressure detection. This is great for people who are constantly on the go and are always pushing their luck with regards to monitoring their blood pressure. You can set it to monitor high, medium and low pressure. The only thing that this type of monitor lacks is a display screen. This will depend on the model you get but most have just a simple LCD screen.

In order to pick out the right blood pressure monitor like the Wristech one you will want to look at the features that come along with it. For example, some of the models that are available have a large display screen with numbers and symbols. Some also come with a large LCD display and even have video outputs so you can see the readings as they are being taken. You should also check out the quality of the cuff to make sure it will be comfortable and hold up to all the activity you plan on doing with it.

Some of the best offers in this brand of monitor come with a two-year warranty. This is a very good offer that can save you a lot of money since most companies will not honor any claims for defective items. There are even a few companies that will replace your defective blood pressure cuff for free. Check out what the Wristech wrist blood pressure monitor has to offer before deciding on which one to get.

Wristech watch-style blood pressure monitor

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet effective monitor of your blood pressure that is also small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wristech Watch-style blood pressure monitor is a great choice. This type of watch has a sleek, flat face that is also flexible to fit into any pocket. A great feature of this type of watch is that it can be used to monitor both your resting and waking blood pressure. The monitor comes with a dial that easily clicks from one point to the next. You can program several different settings to vary how often you want to have your arm’s cuffs exposed.

The monitor uses a two-position strap that allows you to readjust the pressure of your blood without changing your position. This makes it perfect for people who may have difficulty tucking their arms behind their back. The weight of the monitor is very light, weighing about three ounces. Most of these monitors will allow you to customize the padding on the cuff to help eliminate pressure from your wrist and to make the reading more accurate. Another benefit of this monitor is that it does not require any type of batteries or electricity.

Some of the other benefits of the Wristech watch-style blood pressure monitor includes a built-in hygrometer that easily adds up to the readings you get each day. This hygrometer can be used for counting carbohydrates, fats, protein, and other foods. This type of built-in hygrometer also helps eliminate the need to purchase a specific type of alcohol testing kit that usually comes along with home blood pressure checks. Some of these wristwatches even come equipped with a calculator, which helps determine your target cholesterol level. The majority of these monitors also come in a variety of colors including silver, blueberry, red, green, pink, and orange.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Tony W.

    So far, nothing to complain about. I’m curious about the battery life because it sounds like it fails occasionally during inflation. discovered It’s odd that the reading is obtained during inflation, which I’d think is more relevant to vascular resistance. I compared it to two other auto models, one in clinic and another bulky model, and they were both within 3% of the average of the three readings.

  2. Alice B

    This is much more convenient than the upper arm monitors. I have bought this for my parents. Simply slip it on your hand, wrap the velcro band around it, and push the start button. Fast and easy. It’s easy to learn. I have bought this for my parents. They frequently use it and have stopped using the upper arm monitor.

  3. Barbara Beechy

    I have to monitor my blood pressure every day, and the other form never told me what range I was in. With the color shifting, I still know where I am. Green, yellow, and red are my favorite colors. I really appreciate the fact that I can save the reading to take to my doctor. This is something I would suggest to someone who wants to monitor their blood pressure.

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