Casper Sleep Twin Mattress Review

Casper Mattress – Original Bed In A Box what’s up guys I’m Jeffrey the jet today we’re doing a Casper mattress review but we’re talking about the brand new 20/20 fully updated version so we’ve done a lot of content about Casper in the past this is a brand new bed so we’re gonna cover […]
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Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Original Foam Twin Mattress
Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep
Casper Sleep
Casper Sleep
Casper Sleep
Casper Sleep
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Product Page
Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Original Foam Twin Mattress
Casper Sleep
Prime Benefits
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Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep
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Casper Sleep Nova Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Foam Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep
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Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep Nova Hybrid Mattress, Twin
Casper Sleep
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Casper Mattress – Original Bed In A Box



what’s up guys I’m Jeffrey the jet today
we’re doing a Casper mattress review but
we’re talking about the brand new 20/20
fully updated version so we’ve done a
lot of content about Casper in the past
this is a brand new bed so we’re gonna
cover everything you need to know about
it the good the bad the ugly and
hopefully you enjoy the video and you
realize how much work we put into this
stuff and we would really appreciate a
thumbs up if that’s a case I’ll do a
verdict at the end of the video all
right so the way we’re gonna structure
today’s video it’s gonna be right here
on the screen a little outline we’re
gonna talk about the policies first the
price second and then what’s new with
the updated Casper mattress and then
we’ll cover everything like feel
firmness construction temperature
regulation all that stuff and like I
said before we’ll have a verdict for you
at the end so in terms of policies if
you end up buying this bed it’s the
exact same as if you were to buy it a
couple of months ago so you get free
shipping it is a bed in a box mattress
in fact it’s like it’s probably the
original bed in a box mattress you get a
hundred nights to test it out at your
home it’s risk-free so if you don’t like
it and maybe you find it too soft or too
firm or whatever you can return it
inside those first hundred nights so I
think three months is more than enough
time and then it also comes with a 10
year warranty as far as the pricing goes
it didn’t change in the last couple of
months so it’s still right around 1100
for the Queen
if you do add the coils it I think it’s
goes from 1,100 to $1,300 so still a
really affordable bed I don’t know what
they’re going to be doing with
promotions going forward so they used to
offer promotions all the time in the
original beds I don’t know what they’re
gonna be doing so check down below in
the description if we can find anything
I’ll try to link it down there I would
suspect that around some major holidays
they would start offering promotions but
nonetheless it’s the same price that it
was previously so what has actually
Casper mattress there’s been a few
things so number one the design has
actually changed so it used to be a
couple years ago that it was a four
layer ten inch mattress then it became a
four layer 12 inch mattress now it’s a
three layer ten and a half inch mattress
but they still do offer it in an all
foam version and in a hybrid so let’s
say you want a bed that doesn’t have a
lot of bounce that’s just more pressure
relieving and absorbs motion really well
then you would get the original bed
without the coils but if you didn’t want
the extra balance or support then you
would obviously upgrade and get the
coils so now it only has three different
layers either foam or coils on the
bottom it has a transitional layer of a
memory foam in the center and then it
has an open-cell foam like it always has
on the top now a couple of things within
the construction have changed so
previously when I had those four layers
one of them was dedicated to zone
support meaning the center third of the
bed was a little bit firmer and the top
and the bottom were a little bit softer
and more pressure relieving it still has
that same quality but the only thing is
there’s only one transition layer so
that Center layer of memory foam is
actually split into thirds the center is
a little bit firmer the top and the
bottom again are more pressure relieving
so previously the memory foam wasn’t the
zone support but I don’t really think
you’re gonna care I just wanted to to
note that it does still have zone
support but it’s slightly different and
then also with the top layer with the
open cell foam they’ve now cut little
holes in it and they’re calling that
there are air escape technology I’m sure
it’s a little bit more complicated than
this but the gist of it is that it’s
gonna help with air flow so it’s gonna
help pull in air and keep you out a more
comfortable sleeping temperature
throughout the night indeed we think
this is a neutral sleeping mattress
meaning it’s not going to be overly hot
or overly cool and if you do press down
on the foam on that top layer you will
feel some of the air coming through and
hitting your hand it’s probably not
quite as drastic as like a purple
mattress but overall I do think it will
help with just temperature regulation in
general now the other thing that changed
is pretty obvious it’s the cover but I
really don’t think people are gonna care
technically it’s maybe a little bit
softer and it obviously has a new design
but you know when you’re sleeping on it
you’re not gonna notice so let’s move on
to the stuff that are more important
like feel and firmness and all
so what does it feel like we used to
call it a completely neutral soft foam
field it is basically the same thing
everything we’ve talked about with
Casper in our prior videos it’s still
true it feels like a big comfy slab of
soft foam now you can probably feel the
memory in film just a little bit more
now but look it just feels like a like a
comfy soft foam bed if that’s what
you’re into you’ll probably like the
Casper mattress now in terms of firmness
it’s always been a medium meaning it’s
not overly soft or firm it’s basically
the bed by which we judge all other beds
if you really want to split hairs I
would consider this one just a little
bit softer but who cares it’s around a
medium it’ll be good for all sleeping
positions if you do want a firm bed
should probably look elsewhere if you
want a truly firm mattress if you want a
softer bed they now have the Nova hybrid
and I’ll try to link that in the
description that’s a really soft bed
like specifically made for people that
have shoulder pain or hip pain
fibromyalgia arthritis or you want a
supportive bed but it’s extra soft the
original Casper mattress it’s made for
everybody if you buy a bed will you find
it comfortable and I think you will most
people will find it to have an
accommodating feel and to have a really
neutral accommodating overall firmness
level so again right around a medium now
is it good for couples actually think
it’s possibly even better than it was in
the past for couples so it does a really
good job of isolating motion so on one
person moves you’re not gonna feel the
motion transfer through the bed an edge
support is surprisingly good so despite
the fact that it’s not a truly firm bed
you’re not gonna feel like you’re
rolling off the edges of the mattress I
would consider it on par with most foam
mattresses if not a little bit better
and that’s about it with the updated
Casper original mattress in terms of my
final verdict it is super simple and I
don’t think you should overthink this as
Colin coward one of my favorite sports
commentator says don’t out think the
room if you want a comfy soft foam bed
that’s Casper I think it’s affordable I
personally find to be incredibly
comfortable it still feels very similar
to the original bed and I love the fact
that you can add the coil so I think for
a lot of people it’s gonna continue to
be the quote unquote safe pick
so yeah it’s a good bet and you know if
you weigh under about 230 pounds
I do think you’ll really like it if you
weight over that you should probably add
the coils because you know the heavier
you are the softer beds will appear and
all sorts of you know other fun things
but just in general comfy soft foam bed
that’s what you need to remember
hopefully I earned your thumbs up

Casper Sleep Twin Mattresses

The Casper Sleep Twin is a great way to get a good night’s sleep and it is an innovative design as well. It combines the benefits of a twin-size bed and the firmness of a full-sized mattress, making for one very comfortable sleeping option. This is probably why Casper Sleep offers a free sleep trial to anyone that orders over $100 dollars. Although there are a number of reviews online, here are some tips to helping you get the most from this fantastic mattress.

This Casper Sleep twin mattress is made with an outer layer that is almost identical to the cover of a full sized bed. This means that you won’t have to buy a new bed in order to enjoy all of the advantages of owning this comfortable mattress. Instead, the outer shell acts as a giant cushioning pad that wraps around your entire body, providing a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep. While the inner core is made from the same durable foam that makes a full-sized mattress, the extra support that the outer layer offers helps make it even more supportive. Because the memory foam used in this mattress supports your body while you sleep, it is one of the most comfortable mattresses you will ever own.

Another thing that sets the Casper Sleep twin apart from other full sized mattresses is the fact that the mattress itself uses two layers of foam. The inner core is made of dense foam that stays cool and prevents your body from transferring body heat when you sleep. The outer layer of foam offers an even cooler layer of comfort and support. In addition to the extra comfort provided by the foam, this second layer of foam provides even more durability and quality than the first layer.

If you lay your head on the mattress, you can feel the memory foam layer using body heat to mold to your body, providing an extremely comfortable and safe sleep surface. Because the mattress is firm but not hard and rigid, you can rest easy that this is a good choice for any children. You will also find that this mattress does not have an uncomfortable or sticky feeling. Instead, the feel of this twin foam bed is one of supportive and responsive.

The Casper Sleep twin also provides support by way of its extra thick top layer of foam. This top layer is not only stiff and durable, but it also helps provide exceptional pressure relief. By providing excellent support and pressure relief, this top layer of foam works to keep you from getting up and moving during the night. By providing excellent support, the twin bed mattress does not allow you to sink into the bed. Your spine remains fully decompressed.

This mattress was designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the body including the shoulders and neck. This innovative design is built on Casper’s long standing commitment to provide consumers with superior sleep systems. In addition to providing support and relief, this mattress allows you to easily move around using its wheels. This will ensure that you never have to deal with having to move around too much when you are trying to get comfortable. The unique design of the memory foam layer provides superior support and comfort.

Author: Dr. Dave Miles

Dave Miles All information provided by Community Clinic Association clients and approved by Dr. Dave Miles.
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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. D. Ballenger

    After hearing so many positive things about Casper, I decided to give it a shot. The key, it turns out, is a very firm mattress. I was a little confused because I had read that the firmness was a 5. Definitely not the case! This mattress has a firmness rating of 8 or higher on a scale of 1-10. And because I sleep on my side, this just didn’t work for me. When awake, I had no problems lying on my back or stomach, but I sleep on my side. As a result, I kept waking up in the night with sore shoulders and hips. This mattress is not suitable for side sleepers. Other than that, the mattress was fantastic.

  2. Bill Gallagher

    The Casper is fantastic, but I’m deducting a star because the bed assembly was difficult. When I took the bed out of the Casper package, I was met with a tightly wrapped product with very basic unpacking/set-up instructions. The bed is initially a tightly wrapped 100-pound cylinder about 3 1/5 feet high and 3 feet in diameter. There was no indication on the box or in the instructions on how to place the bundle on the bed frame before unwrapping and expanding. After the initial unwrapping, it was obvious that the bed was unfolding with the bottom up…not nice (Casper says that this mattress should never be flipped only rotated 180 degrees).

  3. T.G.

    For the previous ten years, we had a Tempurpedic that was beginning to show signs of wear. We tried Sleep # but couldn’t get used to any of the settings and had to return it. We decided to try this mattress after conducting extensive study. We tried the original Casper many years ago, but there was no edge or side support. This latest hybrid solves the problem. This mattress is fantastic. I’m a former football player who stands 6’2″ and weighs 300 pounds and has a number of physical problems. My wife is 5’4″ tall and petite. This mattress is a hit with both of us. It provides a restful night’s sleep, peace, coolness, and maximum comfort. This mattress surrounds you in a reasonably firm cloud of comfort. On a scale of 10, it is most likely a 6 or 7 on the “firm” side.

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