Audiologist Clinics

Audiologist clinics offer a wide range of services to those suffering from hearing loss. They can help diagnose and treat various hearing problems, such as hearing loss, balance disorders, and tinnitus. They can also prescribe hearing aids and other assistive devices to help patients improve their hearing. Many audiologists are part of multidisciplinary teams that work to treat hearing loss. They can help people who suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss due to noise exposure. They can also provide hearing protection devices and help patients with cochlear implants. Patients may need to visit an audiologist at least once per year for preventive care. This can be done through hearing tests or an annual physical examination. During the initial screening, the audiologist will discuss a patient's health history and symptoms, and make recommendations for ongoing care. During the evaluation, the audiologist will use different tests and devices to determine the cause of hearing loss. One of the tests will involve the patient's outer ear, which is the structure that directs sound waves to the tympanic membrane. Another important service offered by audiologist clinics is counseling. These professionals can guide patients through the emotional aspects of hearing loss. They can help them find compatible phones and find useful resources. They may also counsel patients who are dealing with late-stage hearing loss.