Concierge Medicine Clinics

Concierge medicine clinics are similar to private physicians, but instead of seeing their patients on a daily basis, they focus on preventive care and healthy living. These practices offer more personalized care and often limit the number of patients they accept. Some of these clinics even offer same-day or next-day appointments, extended office hours, and direct access to physicians. In exchange for an annual fee, patients can expect to receive more comprehensive medical care and a closer relationship with their doctor. Concierge medicine clinics accept many insurance carriers. Some accept HSAs and FSAs, which may offset the cost. Although they are not covered by insurance plans like Medicare or Tricare, these practices usually accept most other private insurance. The American College of Physicians released a position statement opposing concierge practices, which it said may lead to a shortage of physicians. The price of concierge medicine services varies widely, from $60 per year to over $5,000. Depending on the practice and the services offered, the cost may be too high for some people. Moreover, a concierge medicine practice may not be cost-effective if you rarely need primary care services. Additionally, it may not cover medical emergencies, prescriptions, or hospital visits. Thus, it is still better to purchase a medical insurance plan that covers these services. Among the benefits of concierge medicine are the shorter wait times. Many of these practices offer direct portal or phone access, which enables patients to receive answers to their questions without ever having to set foot in a clinic. Concierge doctors also offer greater time to get to know their patients, which means that the practice can provide a more personalized experience.