Counseling & Mental Health Clinics

Mental health clinics offer a range of services to help people deal with mental health issues. The goal of such programs is to help patients overcome their challenges and regain their self-sufficiency. They provide individual and group therapy and may also provide services for families. Many clinics are also licensed to provide medication. They often accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurance plans. Some of these clinics even allow walk-ins. These walk-in services offer immediate care when a normal therapist or counselor is not available. For those who can't make an appointment during the week or are too busy to attend a regular session, walk-in services are an excellent choice. Mental health clinics can be affiliated with an academic department of psychiatry or a community organization. They may also receive referrals from psychiatrists and other medical specialists. Patients may also choose to refer themselves to a clinic. The basic operational unit for a mental health clinic can be multiplied by the number of patients it serves. Unfortunately, the need for mental health services is not being met by states. Research shows that nearly half of Americans have waited a week or longer for a mental health treatment. Many low-income and rural Americans are more likely to use community centers and do not know where to go.