Family Practice Clinics

Family practice clinics have a wide range of services. These medical facilities provide routine medical care for people of all ages, and their focus is on prevention of illness. Services include physical exams and preventive care counseling. They also provide immunizations, well-child care, and developmental screenings. They may even guide parents through milestones in a child's growth. Some even provide family planning services. In addition to general health care, a family practice doctor may refer you to a specialist if needed. Most insurance plans cover visits with a PCP. However, some insurers require a referral from a family doctor before they will cover a visit with a specialist. This means that it's important to check your coverage before making an appointment with a PCP. While many doctors specialize in a certain area of medicine, family doctors are trained in all aspects of medicine. They focus on the whole person - physical, mental, and emotional - and treat each part of the patient. They listen carefully to their patients and their families and make informed decisions based on their medical history.