Gerontologists Clinics

Geriatricians play a crucial role in the health of aging adults. Their expertise allows them to make complex medical decisions and prioritize treatment options. Aging presents physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that geriatricians can help address. They can also help educate patients about how to stay active and connected throughout their life. They also help address the negative stereotypes and beliefs surrounding aging. These misconceptions can affect health outcomes and lead to poor treatment choices. Visiting a hospital for a checkup or treatment can be a difficult experience for older adults. The environment in a hospital can be frightening for older patients, and complications can arise from medications and other complications. Geriatricians can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with an unfamiliar setting. They also help patients navigate the medical system and make important decisions regarding medications, end-of-life decisions, and other topics. Geriatricians are specialized physicians who have extensive experience in working with older patients. Located in New York City, gerontologists at Weill Cornell Medicine offer compassionate care. Their team works closely with other physicians in other disciplines, including psychiatry and neurology. This allows them to coordinate the care of their patients, and provides easy access to high-quality care.