IV Hydration Clinics

IV hydration clinics offer patients a convenient way to rehydrate themselves. These clinics offer intravenous fluids that are typically mixed with vitamins and basic medications. This helps to fight mild dehydration, minor aches and pains, and the common cold. However, some people may be wary of letting strangers insert an IV into their body. However, Vida-Flo and other IV hydration clinics use licensed medical staff to give patients the care they need. Most IV hydration clinics use crystalloid solutions, which contain small dissolved molecules that pass easily through the bloodstream to reach the cells and tissues. Examples of crystalloid solutions include normal saline, lactated Ringer's, and D5W. Lactate is often used for more aggressive hydration, as it contains potassium and sodium. Colloids, on the other hand, contain large molecules and are less likely to pass through cell membranes. While drinking a large amount of fluids is beneficial to your health, it is hard on the digestive system. The body must work overtime to get rid of the extra fluids, which can irritate the digestive tract. Additionally, some supplements can irritate your digestive system. By contrast, IV hydration allows your body to absorb nutrients better and produces less waste than drinking water alone. In addition to conventional IV hydration clinics, specialized IV clinics are also available. Some of these clinics offer mobile units. Others offer concierge services that come to patients' homes.