Medical Massage Schools

If you're interested in learning how to treat patients, medical massage is an excellent career option. This complementary treatment helps patients reduce their pain while also promoting healing. In fact, more doctors are endorsing medical massage. As a result, medical massage is becoming a hot topic in the health field. As the popularity of medical massage grows, so do the opportunities for medical massage graduates. Medical massage training involves detailed knowledge of the human body and intensive training on clinical protocols. Students will learn to treat patients with a variety of conditions and receive supervised hands-on experience. During their training, at least half of the curriculum should be spent in a clinic setting where they can actually treat real patients. Medical massage training programs vary in length and level of certification. Some are shorter, while others require more hours. Medical massage training programs are becoming increasingly popular with community colleges and medical technical schools, and there are numerous programs to choose from. Regardless of the school you choose, making the right decision is important for your future. Students pursuing an education in massage therapy must meet strict regulatory standards. They must be licensed in their state in order to practice massage therapy. Students attending an accredited massage school will be prepared for the New York State Licensure Examination. The state licensing exam is administered twice a year, in January and August.