Medical Massage Clinics

Medical massage is a highly effective treatment that can help you release pain and improve your physical well-being. It has been proven to be effective for a variety of conditions including headaches and migraines, rheumatic complaints, back pain, and restricted movement following sports activities. In addition, it can help with muscle tension, which is particularly common among office workers. Regular massage can help you to restore proper posture, making it easier for you to perform your everyday tasks. Medical massage therapists are highly trained to perform massage techniques to treat medical conditions. Their goal is to help patients recover from injury, restore circulation, and improve function. They are often employed in hospitals and other medical settings. They may also be paid through a patient's health insurance. Medical massage is a popular treatment for many health conditions, and doctors are beginning to see the benefits. Medical massage clinics offer a range of services for patients seeking relief from stress, muscle pain, and other ailments. Their services include Swedish, neuromuscular, and deep tissue massage. Additionally, they offer prenatal, sports, and trigger point therapy. Some clinics offer self-help video lessons on how to perform these types of massages. Medical massage is a result-oriented therapy that is designed to relieve specific conditions prescribed by a physician. These massage sessions are usually conducted in one-hour blocks and can include a range of massage modalities. The massage therapist focuses on the areas of the body that are related to the patient's diagnosis. Because of this, Medical Massage treatments are generally billed in 15-minute segments and adhere to a standard reimbursement schedule.