Medical Spas

Medical spas offer a wide range of services, from basic skin care to complete aesthetic care. The experts at these facilities offer medical grade skin products and advise on the best ways to treat common skin issues. Some medical spas treat acne problems in teenagers, while others perform procedures like laser hair removal and chemical peels. All these procedures are performed under medical supervision. Medical spas typically employ medical doctors but can also employ other specialists if needed. Treatments are costly and often use high-tech equipment. However, patients rarely experience any pain and most procedures can be performed during a lunch break. This makes them an ideal alternative to hospitals and clinics. Unlike the traditional medical model, medical spa treatments aim to correct the underlying causes of problems, rather than treating the symptoms. Medical spas are regulated by professional colleges. All the staff in medical spas should be licensed and trained to perform medical procedures. The staff should also be trained in basic cardiac life support. Botox injections and dermal fillers, for example, require precise skill. Fortunately, there are several training courses available that will help medical spa owners and practitioners become more qualified to perform these procedures. Medical spas can be a lucrative venture for physicians. Medical spas offer various aesthetic procedures, including body sculpting surgeries. The demand for liposuction at medspas has grown rapidly over the last year, and is unlikely to slow down.