Orthopedists Clinics

Orthopedists are highly skilled specialists with extensive training in treating orthopedic issues. They have extensive resources to provide comprehensive care for patients. Surgical procedures may be required, but often nonsurgical procedures can treat most conditions. If surgery is necessary, nonsurgical orthopedists often refer patients to orthopedic surgeons. An orthopedic doctor will focus on treating the underlying cause of pain and restoring range of motion. They can also perform procedures like joint replacement surgery. Orthopedists are also skilled at treating injuries to both soft and bone tissue. They work closely with athletes and other people with musculoskeletal problems. Treatment may include nonsurgical treatments and physical therapy. Nonsurgical treatments are usually attempted first before surgery and may require more than one try before the patient sees any real relief. An orthopedist will discuss the risks and benefits of both types of treatments before recommending either. If nonsurgical treatments fail, they may recommend joint injections or devices to aid healing. In addition, non-opioid medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used for pain relief. Physical therapy is also recommended to help stretch and loosen stiff muscles. In addition to physical therapy, orthopedists at the Mason Clinic provide high-quality general community care for orthopedic disorders and sports injuries. Their doctors also specialize in treating fractures and osteoarthritis. In addition, they require at least one business day's notice before cancelling an appointment.