Ultrasound Imaging Centers

Ultrasound imaging centers use high-frequency sound waves to create images of the internal organs and blood flow in the body. This imaging method does not involve any exposure to radiation and is very helpful in the diagnosis of medical problems. The process uses a transducer (a small device that transmits the sound waves) placed either on the skin or within the body. A thin layer of gel is then applied to the skin to facilitate the transmission of the ultrasound waves. During an ultrasound, the patient is required to hold their breath and turn on their side. The sonologist will then place an ultrasound transducer on the area of interest and save the most important images for analysis. The radiologist will review the results and may recommend additional imaging. The results of the ultrasound imaging are provided to the referring physician in a report. There are many different kinds of imaging machines used in diagnostic imaging centers. X-rays are the oldest form of imaging. X-rays show solid tissues as white. These images can be used to view internal organs and the skeletal system. They can detect health issues, such as cancer, by detecting abnormal tissue formations.