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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser Overview every one so it’s been about three years since I purchased this oil diffuser and I wanted to do a follow-up to let you know if it’s still the best oil diffuser on the market and if so what makes it the best oil diffuser so first of all in […]
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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 550ml 12 Hours High Mist Output for Large Room, Home, Waterless Auto-Off, 7 Color LED Lights Wood Grain Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Diffusers
BZseed Aromatherapy Essential Oil Humidifier, 550ml
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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 550ml 12 Hours High Mist Output for Large Room, Home, Waterless Auto-Off, 7 Color LED Lights Wood Grain Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Diffusers
BZseed Aromatherapy Essential Oil Humidifier, 550ml
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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser Overview



every one so it’s been about three years
since I purchased this oil diffuser and
I wanted to do a follow-up to let you
know if it’s still the best oil diffuser
on the market and if so what makes it
the best oil diffuser so first of all in
my opinion yes this is still the best
oil diffuser that you can get after
three years it’s still running strong
it’s still working have never had an
issue with it in terms of its
functionality it’s simple you just take
the lid off you have plenty of room for
essential oils and water you just fill
it up to the fill line which is seen
right here you put your oils in you turn
it on and you’re ready to go now
something else that’s cool about this
one is when you turn it on you also have
different lights that’ll play which I’ll
show you in just a moment
you can change the color of the lights
you can leave it on one if you’re
partial to a particular color on the
light you can also set the timer this
one has a 1 hour 3 hours 6 hour timer
and the cool part about it is it also
can run until the oils are completely
going until all the water is gone and if
you want that option that is also an
option for this oil diffuser and that’s
actually the one that I use quite
frequently I just have it run until it’s
completely out and then it turns off so
it has quite a few different functions
but I’ll go ahead and show you the
lights so that you can kind of get an
idea of how those look logged in and
ready to go to turn on the lights all
you do is press this button and you also
have your different light options and to
turn on the oil diffuser you press that
button so currently I don’t have water
in there and let me just show you what
happens when you press it and you don’t
have anything in there it’s not going to
turn on so it’s super safe it has a lot
of safety features built in let’s look
at the light so if you turn the light on
automatically it does this really cool
thing where it cycles through and as you
can see it’s pretty amazing how
seamlessly it is it tricked it
transitions into these gradients so that
you can automatically just go to the
next color without any kind of major
shift so it looks great
any bookshelf or any desk or anything
like that
but what I want to also show you is that
you can cycle through and choose a color
if you like a specific color and it has
plenty to choose from so say you want to
leave it on this color that’s all you
have to do but if you want to get back
to where it cycles through you just hold
it down and then press it one more time
and it’ll automatically start cycling
through on the colors so it’s really
amazing when it comes to sort of the
light-up features but now let’s check it
out when it comes to actually diffusing
the oil today I’m going to show you one
of my all-time favorite blends of
essential oils I use this one a lot
during the spring a lot during the
summer to help free up my sinuses to
clear things up but it also smells
really good and has a lot of other
benefits that you can look up for each
individual oil for this you will need
four different essential oils I’ll put a
link to where you can get the exact ones
that I use in the description as well as
the link to the oil diffuser that I use
but you will need lemon lavender
peppermint and eucalyptus globus okay so
let’s take our lid off as you can see
we’ve got our lights already going on
I’ll go ahead and turn those off just so
you can see the water being added a
little bit better we’re gonna add our
water not all the way up to the fill
line just because I don’t want to fill
it all the way up for this particular
mixture and then we’re gonna add our
essential ways I’ll put a link in the
description to where you can get these
particular oils if you’d like to get
them very affordable and they’re also
extremely high quality I like to put
about five or six drops of peppermint
four drops of lavender three drops of
lemon and a drop or two of eucalyptus
that away it has great fresh smell to it
which are also getting the benefits from
all four essential wins
now the lid just needs to match up over
to the side here I can already smell it
smells amazing and I’m gonna press on it
automatically goes to an hour if I press
it again it’ll go to three hours I press
it again it’ll go to six or if I press
it one more time it’ll just go until
it’s completely out now I’m gonna do an
hour and I’m also gonna press this for
two seconds and that’s gonna put out
more state that actually see how much is
coming out there if I press it and hold
down for just another second then that’s
going to turn it back to just putting
out a little bit you can already see the
difference there I usually I’m being
honest I like to have it do quite a bit
so I have it on the maximum setting
smells amazing it works amazing and this
oil diffuser looks great so the reason
that I say this is the number one the
best oil diffuser is the price is
amazing the price is one of the most
affordable diffusers that I’ve seen
functionality is easy to learn it’s easy
to use a lot of these oil diffusers have
some crazy rules or they’re connected
through Wi-Fi with Amazon elects and
things like that and that that’s fine
but if you just want an oil diffuser
that’s easy to set up that looks great
that you can use without having to go
through all of that process this is
definitely the one for you it’s the one
that I’ve used for three years now and
it still looks great it still functions
perfectly that’s why it’s a product that
I personally trust so I wouldn’t
recommend it to you guys if I didn’t I’m
gonna go ahead and put the link to this
one in the description it is also my
affiliate link so that also supports the
channel when you buy through there but
it’ll take you directly to the exact oil
diffuser you’re looking at and I’ll also
put the link to these particular
essential oils in the description
because these are the ones that I use
therapy is a very high quality oil
company and they’re also one of the most
affordable so be sure to give this video
a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t
already and send this video to a friend
who’s mainly interested in essential

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Essential Oil Humidifier Review

If you wish to add something special to your home for the added benefit of good health, consider buying an essential oil humidifier. Essential oils are very popular and can be found in a wide variety of products. These range from soaps and bath gels to perfumes and massage oils and creams. Many people choose to add essential oils to their home humidifiers because of the wonderful health-giving properties that the essential oils may offer, but if using these oils for this purpose, it might be more preferable to choose a portable unit style, like an essential oil diffuser. These are much easier to move around and may be easier to keep clean than the standing humidifiers.

A cool mist humidifier is another choice if you wish to use essential oils in your humidifier for a variety of reasons. The main benefit of the cool mist diffuser is that it uses a vapour containing water that is sprayed onto the affected skin. It works by cooling the temperature of the skin, which reduces redness, itching and irritation. Because the cool mist humidifier is powered by natural air (compressed air stored in a tank) the user doesn’t have to worry about blowing outside of the spray, as is often required with the use of an essential oil diffuser. The cool mist diffuser can be used on soft or dry skin.

Essential oils can also be produced by other alternative methods, including distillation and cold water distillation. Although these methods work well for certain types of scents, they can be inefficient when it comes to using essential oils directly. If you don’t wish to use the specific aromatherapy humidifiers then you can buy other essential oil humidifier models that are more versatile. Some popular types include the handheld steam vaporizer and desktop humidifiers.

Other benefits of essential oils include improved skin health, reduced respiratory symptoms, relief from stress, improved moods and insomnia. Aromatherapy humidifiers combine the steam from essential oils with other healthy botanicals such as peppermint and Rosemary to create soothing vapours that can be inhaled easily. They are also very effective for sinus problems and congestion. Essential oils have traditionally been used to help relieve muscle pain, alleviate the symptoms of asthma, and to calm and soothe sensitive skin. You may have experienced the beneficial effects of essential oils for the first time you experienced a sore throat or achy body parts, but now you may use essential oils to help fight acne, colds, flu and other conditions that affect your health and well-being.

Aromatherapy humidifiers are very easy to use. Simply fill the container with water and add any preferred essential oils that are suitable for your type of home. Turn on the humidifier and turn it on for a few minutes depending on your preference. If you feel it is too warm, switch it to a cool setting. Then, simply sit back on the couch or in the bed and relax while using the diffuser to give you superior quality and refreshing air throughout the day.

Using the humidifier will also help relieve headaches, migraines and sore throats. It can also help relieve common ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and colds. It can even help relieve serious ailments including pneumonia, tuberculosis, bone cancer, leukemia and an infection from salmonella. Using essential oils to combat illness is becoming more popular as people try to live healthier lives. Using essential oils for personal health care on a daily basis has become common practice for many people who seek to better their overall health and live longer, happier lives.

Essential Oil Humidifier FAQ

Essential oil cool mist humidifier

Wow! This is a great sale on the Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier from Oceanic Emotions. It’s that time of the year again, the air outside is really dry and everyone is getting colds, apply more humidifier to help alleviate the dry air in the home. The basic concept of a humidifier is that it will increase the moisture in the air through evaporation and dehumidification. Now, with the Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier, you’ll never have to worry about a cold ever again. This Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier allows you to diffuse your favorite essential oil into the humid air and simultaneously, humidify the entire room.

The humidifier works to provide the essential oils that the user would like to have into the air, and will also distribute the essential oils onto the various channels on the humidifier to give a softer feel to the vapor. There are three different colors available for the mist itself. There are clear blue, green, and pink, each one having their own different colors of crystals to add more beauty to the mist. This Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier comes with an LED light to turn on at night and also has an adjustable humidity control that will keep the humidity level at an optimum level for the user.

The other difference that you’ll find with the essential oil cool mist humidifier is that it works in conjunction with the ultrasonic aroma essential oil diffuser to provide a dual source of humidity. With the ultrasonic diffuser, you have the ability to not only provide moisture in the room but as well as providing the essential oils to help add scent into the room. These two together work to make any room in the house a pleasant experience, and will help people feel more at ease. The humidifier is also portable and can be moved from room to room as needed.

Essential oil baby humidifier

If you are thinking about getting a baby humidifier for your newborn, then you should know that essential oils are great choices for this purpose. A humidifier is essentially just an air purifier with an added ability to add essential oils into the air. Essential oils have been around for centuries, and it is only recently that they have found their way into baby products. It is believed that the oils have healing properties, which explains why so many different types of health products are using essential oils in their formula. Here is how to get the most benefit from using an essential oil baby humidifier.

Make sure that when you pick out your essential oil baby product, you choose one that is made specifically for newborns and babies. Babies have sensitive skin and can react badly to many of the essential oils that are typically used for this purpose. For example, Tea Tree oil is great for treating diaper rashes and has very few effects on newborns. It is always a good idea to buy a specific essential oil to use in your humidifier rather than randomly choosing them.

When adding the essential oil to your baby’s room, you should always dilute the oil with water first before putting it in the air. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle closely to make sure that you get the best benefits from your baby humidifier. While the baby is sleeping, the oil will be evaporating off the leaves in the air, so adding water right when you turn on the humidifier will keep the oil from simply evaporating off into the air. This will ensure that you get the best possible results from your humidifier.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Molly

    I’m a big fan of the light wood grain look. This product has a fantastic style! It was purchased as a humidifier to deal with the dryness in my apartment. The product came with ten oils, all of which smelled very natural. I used many different types of essential oils in it, and the fragrance fills the space. Lavender and jasmine are two of my wife’s favorite scents. It’s a great deal to have a diffuser with so many oils. When there is no more water inside, the auto turn-off feature actually works. This feature made me very happy because my family was still forgetting to check the water level. I like the one, three, and six-hour timers. I normally set the 6 hour timer before going to bed to get the oils going in the bedroom, and it turns off in the middle of the night when we sleep.

  2. Rita

    I applied the water and 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil as soon as it arrived. I’m trying to get rid of the scent of fish from frying, so I put it in each room for at least an hour, and it seems to be working. The real test would be whether the fish smell is gone or whether it was only covered up when I go to church tomorrow and return home three hours later.

    I’m a big fan of butterflies, which is why I went with the butterfly style. It’s very lovely to just sit on a table or counter, and it’s even more lovely when the light is turned on. You can choose to have it stay on one color or have it alternate between colors. There are two diffusing options: continuous or sporadic.

  3. Phenique Lester

    This humidifier has completely won my heart! I suffer from severe allergies, which often result in a sore throat and, on occasion, nasal inflammation, but this humidifier alleviated all of these issues. I really like that it can be used as an essential oil diffuser. I use either eucalyptus or peppermint oil at night to clear up the congestion, and I usually use lavender oil throughout the day. This is an incredible product that I would recommend to everyone!

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