EV Rider Automatic Folding Scooter Review

EV Rider Automatic Folding Scooter Demo Video here nonetheless and as we look over about the door our girl Denis Repco coming in not be a big writer doesn’t get any better than how are you sunshine did you nice to see you have you for inviting me you know what mobility is something that […]
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EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue)
EV Rider Transport Plus Manual Folding Scootery LC-358M Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position Lift Chair Recliner
EV Rider
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Product Page
EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue)
EV Rider Transport Plus Manual Folding Scootery LC-358M Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position Lift Chair Recliner
EV Rider
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EV Rider Automatic Folding Scooter Demo Video



here nonetheless and as we look over
about the door our girl Denis Repco
coming in not be a big writer doesn’t
get any better than how are you sunshine
did you nice to see you have you for
inviting me
you know what mobility is something that
is incredibly important to people that
have some challenges that have some need
for little extra assistance in this area
exactly and I think when you find an
item like this that hello Georgia ah yes
right it opens and closes automatically
with the touch of a button with a remote
control this really creates and
maintains independence absolutely does
and what I love best about this scooter
is evey rider the company took a product
that is so easy and they made it even
easier they took a product that was
great and made it even better so all you
have to do is the push of a button so we
have two options for you we have a key
fob where you can push a red or a green
so I red is gonna fold it or the
matching red or green buttons so two
different ways and you don’t have to
disassemble it you don’t have to take
the column off the seat off everything
is so easy and we’ve got this down to
get this these used to weigh a hundred
pounds this weighs 44 pounds and is
fully assembled out of the Mayo and if
it’s a beautiful kind of a nail polish
red yeah which is really lovely in fact
we call this Burgundy and it’s available
for you on easy pay now it’s our six
easy payments of 333 dollars 17 cents
but we have some more good news miss
Denise oh yeah there’s 12 months pay
fantastic on the cue card now how does
that work you use your cue card to make
this purchase today and we will approve
the full purchase price on the card but
give you 12 months to pay it off Wow as
long as you make your monthly minimum
payments and you pay out the entire Evie
rider by the end of the 12 month period
gotcha or before the 12 months is up you
will be charged ero interest that’s
awesome zero yeah so that’s same as cash
yes so if you don’t yet have a cue card
that’s just one more reason to love it
you want to apply online at qvc.com or
you can call one of our operators and
they’ll take your application right over
the phone we want you to take good
advantage of that Wow but you’ll notice
also that Denise is able to pick this up
and move it around should she need to
write exactly it does have a weight
limitation of 250 pounds right yeah and
as I said this is fully assembled out of
the box so when you get this home the
battery already has some charge in its
fully assembled so
you don’t have to go now now what do we
do I don’t watch RJ it’s very simple and
we give you all the components right
over here okay so all it is is there’s a
portal if they’re easy okay David you
make my job so much big giant person
afraid ever but these are the cases
these are the cables and this plugs into
the wall and this port here when this is
open I’ll show you where you plug it
into the unit so it’s so very very
simple right here is portal number one
so again we give you two places to fold
and unfold but we also give you two
places to charge or whatever is easy
right well you know what if you have
this in the folded position and it runs
out of power then what are you gonna do
you can’t get it open so when it’s in
its folded position there is a second
port where you can also charge it so it
was very easy can I tell everyone we
only we were not able to get a lot a lot
of I know we have only a hundred
actually fewer than 150 to go around now
I will tell you they do come along with
their little key fob it almost looks
like a key fob you’d have for an
automobile exactly yeah I can look at
our tape here because instantly now
you’ve got mobility again you may
independence again right and you’re able
to maneuver very very easily right along
with people who are walking normally and
I exactly and I hear it time and time
again so many people say oh my mom’s not
ready for when my dad doesn’t want when
my grandparents don’t want one and every
single time they get this home they say
I should have gotten it sooner and I’ll
tell you she is someone that needs a
little help getting around but was not
fazed by having to pick up the entire
unit it weighs how much again 44 pounds
44 pounds it’s also adjustable with the
height there you can actually do got
someone taller you can actually
telescope that handle up now this
gentleman has complete mobility around
his house he can clear his own dishes he
can do his own cooking he can make his
way in and around the house heading
around the neighborhood put in the trunk
of the car and now a trip around the
shopping mall exactly I need the
testament to maneuverability I mean I’ve
had people who say to me we have taken
this on a cruise ship the narrow
hallways of a cruise ship we’ve taken it
in elevators so it’s very small it’s
very compact very maneuverable and you
mind if I take a ride and just it’s just
what we’ve got here so I’m going to show
you a few things about this now this
goes up to four miles per
and it’s a very simple dial that goes up
to 4 miles per hour you turn it
clockwise and this also is by the way
has a built-in safety feature so did you
notice I went around the turn what
happens with this scooter is as you’re
going around a turn it automatically
slows itself so you don’t go for a
hardwood floor yeah area rug this
is great transition is very easy now are
these wheels solid or is there aa thank
you for pointing that out because of
when I did my little tour I was gonna
show you how wonderful that means you
will never ever ever ever ever get a
flat tire because these wheels are solid
they’re not air filled and it’s just a
great thing to know that they’re also
like an all-terrain you saw me go from
hardwood to carpeting they’ll go to
cobblestone boardwalk all of those
things which is some of the features I
want to show you if our camera is able
to get up onto the dash over here I’ll
show you a couple of things hang on just
one second we’ll get the shot here we go
and the key fob again you push the red
button to fold the green to unfold there
are two keys
we’ve got headlights and taillights
we’ve got a horn and we’ve got the speed
dial so they can hear you come into
going again
up to form at four miles per hour it’s a
dual throttle system so when you pull on
the red lever you’re going forward when
you’re pulling on the black lever you’re
going back and when you release bring
electromagnetic braking systems so you
let go you come to a smooth steady
complete stop you’ll see I love that
because I would be concerned about a
relative being on this and suddenly
coming to a jolting stop of course so
that’s gonna be a very easy stop and I
think that that’s gonna be so important
I think that and for whoever’s riding
it’s got a few more exactly there is
adjustable tiller so if you have really
long legs
of course not quite as long as David’s
long waits until he already spoke to the
solid wheels it’s carpeted the paint is
so beautiful it’s a Fleck the seats
comfortable of the back seat is very
comfortable this folds it does fold down
and that’s how you when you’re gonna
fold it that seat back goes down so then
it folds very very easily but it doesn’t
get any easier again evie rider took a
great product and made it even better by
giving you nothing to think about
nothing to worry about just the push
zero zero oh my gosh
I know I know right I’m the least handy
person you’ll meet I can unwrap soap
this is crazy it’s so easy and I’ll tell
you we only brought in about 150 of
these we now have fewer than 130 to go
around they’re going quickly a lot of
you are saying you know what mom and dad
could use one of those maybe you’ve got
someone that has some physical
challenges and some limitations that
would make something like this important
you know I think sometimes we worry
about how we’re going to get around if
we were to have an unexpected situation
with you know a sprained ankle a broken
right or legs right forbid it’s all
those kinds of things so and those are
more temporary things this may be
probably more in line for someone who is
needing it more long-term exactly if you
if your family says to you hey we’re
going on vacation or we’re going to the
amusement park or we’re going to so and
so’s ballgame and you want mom or dad to
go and they say no because they can’t
keep up they can’t walk so far they
don’t want to be a burden to everyone
else to have to help them walk from
place to place and then they’re not
they’re not able to and you want it’s
also important for someone with these
challenges for their psychological you
got it you really feel like they’re able
to take care of themselves it’s peace of
mind it’s independence it’s dignity and
the hardest thing is when our when our
parents and grandparents get older is
they want to maintain that independence
I mean a lot of them lose their driver’s
license because they just can’t keep up
you know what the laws of the road or
whatever it may be but but this gives
them their yes do you feel dizzy you
want me to come in you should ride with
a concussion yeah do you see how you can
get through small spaces with yeah
that’s part of reason why I love it and
do you also see how it slows down when
you go over there it’s built in I know
you and I have done this presentation
many times you know there’s a lot of
sense and I’ll tell you for someone who
is looking to give independence back to
someone exactly has lost it because of
some physical limitations maybe there’s
been an accident all those kinds of
things exactly you know and I think
about people who are dealing with these
kinds of issues and they want to be able
to take care of them
want to be independent they want to be
able to do these things on their own
what they don’t want to be is a bother
to someone else because or to your point
exist decline coming to something or
going because a lot in my feeling where
I have family members will say no I
don’t want to I don’t want to burden you
guys would think that I wanted to spend
time with them exact and this is a great
thing to maybe have at your house we
have people visiting or maybe the mom
and dad are the kids all pitch in and do
one easy payment in order to get this
exact well you know what we started with
150 I now have fewer than 100 oh my
goodness so you can do 12 months
financing if you use your cue card off
so walk through the full purchase price
on your cue card give you 12 months to
pay it off if you make each of those
monthly payments on time and you pay off
the entire amount prior to the end of
the twelve month time period zero
interest is what you’ll be charged it’s
same as cash so definitely take
advantage of this we’re gonna be able to
help you out with that special financing
but more important than the special
financing is giving someone back their
independence exactly it’s really it’s
very comfortable it’s you know there’s
no arms to have to worry about anything
getting in the way even though it does
hold a lot it surprisingly goes tight in
between things as well and you know what
I think about my mom who is in her
retirement mhm and thank goodness she is
healthy and very ambulatory but there
may come a day when she has to employ a
walker right and wouldn’t I feel so much
more comfortable and wouldn’t she feel
more independent if she’s able to safely
ride on that hose to going with a walker
where she might fall down right okay
this is something that I being many
states away would you feel more
comfortable about yes you would yes and
this goes on a single full charge it
goes up to eight miles and it takes
about four to six hours to give it a
full charge but remember when you get
this home zero point zero assembly and
there is some charge in the battery up
to open it off right oh absolutely
and also I fail to mention this is TSA
cleared so if you have been foregoing
the family vacation go you right up to
this to the gate the gate and they’ll
put it in the overhead I mean get so
then rise soon as you get off you get
right back on but you don’t they bring
it back to the jetway nobody else’s
wheelchair this is awesome
– it’s great for crews yes didn’t we
have a whole bunch of more colors well
we’ve been gone again but this is that
that that candy apple red that lips not
lipstick on nail polish like a cranberry
Oh or like a sports car I mean you know
what have a little fun and it was just
letter well exactly and give the person
to whom you’re going to provide this a
little bit of class along with their
what their scooters out there but they
look like a piece of medical equipment
yes looks like something we enjoy being
on a very good point hey can I tell you
we started with 150 I figure than 80 to
go around these are going very quickly
yeah and I’ll tell you for someone who
needs this this becomes worth every
penny you’re paying what makes a great
point if the whole family can chip in
and easy pay then mom and dad or grandma
and grandpa yeah or someone with a
special challenge now has their
independence into usurer where their
dignity exactly and I love that and we
can keep creating memories with the
family that’s why and they don’t have to
be separated because they have some
limitations and I think that’s so
important and so lovely so take
advantage of this free shipping and
handling six easy payments 12 months
special financing and a whole lot more
miss Denise thank you it’s a pleasure to
have you back all right we’re gonna
check in with Kirsten because I’ve got
to make my way out to the others

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  • Can be stowed upright in any closet or corner
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  • Lightweight: 49 lbs, compact size: 17.3" x 16.5" x 28.7", good for travel

EV Rider Folding Scooters

The EV Rider folding scooter was designed to provide a comfortable ride, and at a very reasonable price. They’re perfect for busy people on the go. They come in both a mini and a full-size version and are very small and compact. The folding scooters are a very affordable way to get around. This is a very popular type of scooter.

The EV Rider folding scooter has a very lightweight construction, and this is especially important when you consider what you will be doing with the scooter. You won’t be doing any physical work with it. It’s for leisure, to get around from place to place. You can get on and off the scooter easily, with no problems whatsoever. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over on you, or anything like that. The scooter is very stable, and it allows you to get the maximum use out of the scooter.

There are a number of features to take into consideration before you decide on a scooter. The first is safety. You want a scooter that has safety features and is easy to use. Look for a scooter that’s easy to fold, and easy to unfold. Check to see if the scooter comes with a protective cover, that will protect you from the elements.

The next thing to look at is the size. The scooter is going to vary in size, so you need to be sure you can get the scooter you need, without going over your budget. It should be a comfortable size, so that you can do the tasks that you want to do with it. It should also be a little bigger than your height, so that you can reach every area of the scooter.

Look for an EV Rider folding scooter that has a smooth, easy ride. You want the scooter to be comfortable and not hurt your feet. If you’re worried about the scooter, you should look for one that has an adjustable seat. There’s a wide range of different seat sizes, and this is something that will be important if you ride for a long period of time.

There are a number of other features you should look at when looking at this type of scooter. You should consider the quality of the scooter and the safety features. You also want to make sure that it has a warranty, so that if anything should happen, you know you can get the scooter back.

EV Rider Folding Scooter FAQ

EV Rider transport folding scooter

The EV Rider transport folding scooter is very lightweight, super-portable and an excellent space saver! It has sleek, stylish, and easy to operate controls. It comes with a standard five-foot high handle for easy picking up and maneuvering. The scooter’s weight capacity is 250 pounds and it has a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. The total weight of the scooter is 46 pounds when only the batteries are included.

The foldable design makes transporting the scooters very convenient and can even be folded for storage. This makes them perfect for taking camping or hiking trips. They have safety features such as fold-down mirrors and dual locking tail lights which ensure passengers are safe and secure.

Since they are lightweight scooters, you can easily negotiate any terrain without too much difficulty. This means you can enjoy more fun outdoor adventures, from trails to dirt roads. In addition, they are perfect to take to beaches, river cruises, and anywhere else where boats or automobiles would be impractical. Their larger size also means that they are better able to hold more people and luggage, for longer rides. The EV ride is very versatile, with many features to choose from. You can find them in different sizes, varying between two to four seats. They come with detachable roofs, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate roof or handle for your folding scooter. All of these features make EV folding scooters superior to traditional motorcycles! If you need a way to get your hands on one, check out the website of EV Rider. They are certain to be a great investment!

EV Rider Stand-N-Ride electric scooter

The EV Rider Stand-N-Ride electric scooter is a compact, fully electric, and folding scooter that fits active care medical purposes. It is perfect for senior citizens or children who are handicapped or have limited mobility. The scooter’s platform is designed to fit under the bed of an automobile and will fold up into a small design that can be easily stored under the bed. The scooter does not include a footrest or a joystick. Although it is a simple design, this four-wheel scooter can provide great mobility for the individual with limited mobility.

One of the unique features of this scooter is the fact that it is able to fit under a Golden Buzzaround ex four-wheel scooter. The platform of the EV Rider easily folds into its small, self-contained design, allowing the rider to easily transfer from the scooter to the car. Even a handicapped person can transfer from the vehicle to this convenient platform. The ease of use makes this one of the most well-designed and well-built four-wheel vehicles on the market.

The EV Rider Stand-N-Ride vehicle is capable of providing the rider with exceptional maneuverability while on the go. The design of the vehicle allows for easy storage under the bed of an SUV or smaller car, or at a small desk in a home office. The compact design also means that this scooter will not take up too much space when folded up. It is lightweight and folds down to about 30 inches when open. The unique electric four-wheel mobility scooter features a heavy-duty drive system with a shock absorber, making it one of the most reliable and long-lasting electric scooters on the market today.

EV Rider folding scooter with remote

With the price of gas rising, saving money on transportation is a top priority for many families. If you don’t own a vehicle, owning one is out of the question for many people. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce your dependency on other people’s vehicles, such as renting an EV or folding a scooter. In addition to being low-cost alternatives to owning a vehicle, these two ways to get around save you time, money, and stress. Whether you need to use your scooter in the city or on the highway, EV Rider folding scooter with remote will allow you to get where you need to go easily and quickly.

Easy folding design. One of the best things about folding scooters is how easy they are to fold for storage or transportation. When you’ve got an EV Rider folding scooter with remote by your side, mobility problems won’t keep you off the road. Its folding compact design – which can be either folded with the handy key fob – makes it easy to switch between the pavement and the back of a vehicle, giving you a stable and smooth ride no matter where you travel.

Easy charging. The foldable designs of EV Rider folding scooters allow you to charge right on the scooter itself. This is perfect for those who need to ride their folding scooter to the local gas station for some electricity or battery juice. You’ll be able to ride home without worrying about wasting gasoline or leaving behind empty cells.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Gloria Cuevas

    This scooter was a Godsend for my husband, who has Parkinson’s disease. It folds easily and isn’t too big, so we can place it in my car. My husband adores it because it allows us to go anywhere. We visited North Carolina and received several compliments, as well as Las Vegas. It is genuinely beneficial to us. Perhaps we shouldn’t push it on grass or gravel, but it gets through anything without a hitch. I’m so happy we got this fantastic scooter. Thank you so much

  2. Mary E Grosso

    CCA was excellent in terms of order, delivery, and follow-up. I was able to unbox the EV Rider and it was ready to use. It works well in close quarters and manages well. CCA and their responses to my questions were excellent. Excellent support!

  3. B. L. Flaniken

    Wife loves it; it’s compact and light enough for me to physically raise and lower; we had to turn her speed dial down a notch or two so it didn’t get too fast. We used it to get around three malls as well as the Fort Bend County fairgrounds. When folded with the rear seats of the Fit up, it comfortably fits into the back of my Honda Fit hatchback!

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