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Clinical Thermometer – Mercury and Digital NET Brand Clinical Thermometers. Mankind is using mercury thermometer to measure temperature for years. Mercury Thermometers are usually 3-4 inches long. Narang Medical Limited offers Clinical thermometer, Prismatic, Dual Scale, Clinical thermometer, Flat, Dual Scale and Thermometer Rectal and Basal thermometer. Mercury thermometer has a scale alongside the thermometer, […]
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Clinical Thermometer – Mercury and Digital



NET Brand Clinical Thermometers.
Mankind is using mercury thermometer to measure temperature for years.
Mercury Thermometers are usually 3-4 inches long.
Narang Medical Limited offers Clinical thermometer, Prismatic, Dual Scale, Clinical thermometer,
Flat, Dual Scale and Thermometer Rectal and Basal thermometer.
Mercury thermometer has a scale alongside the thermometer, in this we have dual scale
Fahrenheit and Centigrade, from where the reading is taken.
The tip of the thermometer is full of mercury.
Before using the thermometer we need to wash it with normal drinking water and then shake
it down, like this.
Shaking it down will move the mercury from this end to the tip.
Ideally, before taking temperature, mercury level should be below 97°.
Now place it underneath the tongue and hold it right there for two minutes.
Mercury thermometers could be used orally, rectally and under the arm.
The preferable way to use it is under the tongue.
But the children under 4 years might not be comfortable with this way.
In that case we can use the thermometer under the arm.
For small babies Narang Medical Ltd offers rectal thermometers.
After around two minutes remove it from the mouth and take the reading of mercury on the
98.6 is normal under the tongue, 97.6 is normal under the arm and 99.6 is normal rectally.
Narang Medical Limited also offers Digital thermometer.
Caution: Mercury is a dangerous substance and if accidentally the thermometer is broken,
one should not touch the mercury with bare hands.
There are country specific rules how one should dispose it off.

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Glass Thermometer Review

The mercury-in-a-glass or mercury thermometers were invented by German physicist, Daniel Fahrenheit, in 1797 in Amsterdam. It is actually a mercury lamp bulb with a large mercury drop on one end of the bulb and a glass tube filled with water. The fluid level in the tubes is significantly less than that of the bulb; thus, the temperature in these tubes is significantly cooler.

These days, there are various kinds of thermometers available in the market, all of which are designed to give accurate readings about the temperature inside any kind of glass container or thermometer. Some are made with platinum in silver with gold-colored strips; others are made of clear glass with silver strips. You may select the type that best suits your need and the application.

The main advantage of the mercury-in-a-glass thermometers is that it is very convenient to use. There is no need to handle the mercury or put it inside the container to get the readings. You just need to place it on the place where the temperature is expected and wait for the readings. The temperature of the fluid can be calculated with just one hand and there is no need to be concerned about the accuracy of the readings.

You can use mercury-in-a-glass thermometers anywhere, even in a hot car. You can just take the thermometer and place it on the dashboard so that you can keep a track of the temperature in your car’s dashboard. You can then take the temperature in the vehicle to the nearest restaurant for dining or take it to work so that you can check on the temperature in your office cubicle.

You can also use glass thermometers in the laboratory, in labs, and in schoolrooms. These thermometers are ideal to measure and record the temperature inside a sealed container without needing to open it. You can do this while keeping your hands busy or while studying in class. The thermometer can also be used to test a substance inside a bottle in an alcohol test kit so that you can know the amount of alcohol present in the bottle before you drink it.

If you are a teacher, you can use glass thermometers in your classroom so that you can keep track of the temperature in the room where the students are. If you have small children at home, you can use the thermometers in your garage to monitor their temperature. They can be used in their rooms as well. Thus, they can be a useful tool for teaching and learning. You can also use these thermometers in hospitals and nursing homes, so that the patients can be monitored properly so that they can be properly treated.

Glass Thermometer FAQ

Oral glass thermometer

An Oral Glass Thermometer is a new non-glass alternative to the traditional mercury-based, mercury-filled, analog temperature measuring instrument. The new thermometer has a display that is highly visible, with easy-to-read numbers that are incorporated into the lens. It displays digits in digits form – either as letters or numbers – or can be displayed as a picture. The mercury-filled thermometers are often collected from raw foods, like fruits and vegetables and then tested at a laboratory. The new ThermoPro Oral Glass Thermometer is designed to be used right at the produce area, so there is no need to store expensive mercury bottles.

The advantages of the new ThermoPro Oral Glass Thermometer are: A fully non-oxic alternative to mercury-filled and traditional thermometers. The thermometer has a display that is highly visible, with easy-to-read digits. The thermometer also has a built-in magnifying lens for easy reading of the figures. There are no mercury containers to break or leak, which means less contamination. There are no mercury particles produced by the test methods.

Professionally manufactured and precision engineered glass with high temperature resistance. It has an easy-to-read dial and digital back-lit digits. It has a stainless steel secure clip, a lifetime warranty, a full one-year warranty, and is a “Center of Gravity” Brand. All of these features make the ThermoPro an excellent choice for professional chefs. The ThermoPro brand was developed in California, USA, under the leadership of Robert J. Traister, Ph.D., a world-recognized chef and owner of Traister Inc. The company now manufactures all of the world’s known ThermoSuit products and is associated with several manufacturers worldwide.

Glass rectal thermometer

When it comes to medical procedures, one instrument that stands out is the glass rectal thermometer. These highly sensitive instruments have been around for years and are used for many different types of medical testing and monitoring. The reason for this is that they are able to provide the patient with an accurate reading on the internal temperature of the body. There are many ways to use them including taking temperature during bowel movements and checking the temperature of any type of food when cooking.

Well heated glass rectal thermometers to be inserted directly into a patient’s rectum to take temperature. While this may seem like an unusual way to measure the rectal temperature of a patient, there are many reasons why these thermometers were used in the past and continue to be used today. One of the main reasons being the accuracy that they provided to the patient. Even though modern digital thermometers have mostly replaced them due to environmental and safety concerns, rectal temperature monitors are still used by many medical professionals to ensure that their patients are getting proper treatment.

One interesting way that these thermometers have been used over the past is by placing a lubricant gel inside of the rectum. The purpose of the lubricant gel was to allow the doctor to more precisely find where the problems were originating from and eliminate them. Since most of the problems were found on the external surface of the rectum, placing a lubricant gel inside would allow the doctor to probe deeper into the problem areas and remove them easily without damaging or burning the skin. Although this method may have worked in the past, today more careful monitoring is required to assure that no damage occurs and only the correct area is handled with the lubricant gel.

Glass basal thermometer

Mercury-free-glass Basal Thermometers are a reliable, ultra-safe, easy-to-read, environment and household friendly product that’s ideal choice to regular mercury thermometers. The mercury used in mercury-based basal thermometers leaches into liquids and is absorbed by body cells, causing them to change color. For this reason, they are not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Non-mercury-glass basal thermometers are an excellent alternative to mercury thermometers since they don’t use any mercury at all. Non-mercury glass thermometers also feature a safety feature that prevents liquid crystallization inside the glass tube. The liquid is only released in response to pressure from a lighter weight. This makes them safer for use even by young children.

Glass Basal Thermometers are designed to fit snugly into a standard 2-pronged carrying case. The thermometers come with rubber grips to prevent slippage and are water-resistant. They are also ideal for use in the hospital setting because they eliminate the need for a mercury thermometer, which has to be constantly exposed to a potentially dangerous liquid. Because they come in different sizes, it’s easy to find one that’ll perfectly fit into your pocket or purse. ones work or about any problems that they’ve experienced.

A glass basal thermometer will give you an almost-finite idea of your basal body temperature. But no temperature or body type is completely accurate. Some people’s body temperatures are much cooler than others’, making them appear very healthy or unhealthy. For this reason, a non-glass thermal thermometer should not be used on individuals with extremely sensitive skin, such as the hands or even the face. For this reason, the accuracy of these types of body thermometers is not as precise as the mercury or ultra-accurate BBT thermometers.

Galileo glass thermometer

The AcuRite 20″ Galileo Glass Thermometer truly combines functionality and style as an exquisite accent piece for either your home or office. This thermometer measures indoor temperatures, as well as outdoor temperatures. The built in probe allows you to manually control the heat settings, while providing display ranging from +40 degrees to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect addition to any home or small office because it is small enough to fit on a countertop, mantel, or table top.

The best way to use these thermometers is to place it right next to your monitor. Put the probe in front of your computer screen. There are two ways that you can do this, depending on whether you have a laptop or desktop computer. Place the Galileo glass forehead thermometers in front of your screen for display purposes, and then turn on the computer to display the temperature gauge on the monitor. You can use these body temperature monitors at any time, even when you’re not home because they automatically shut down when your computer’s power source is unplugged.

One other great feature of these thermometers is that it comes with a mercury tube. When you place the thermometer inside the mercury tube, you can see the temperature rise as mercury releases mercury. You can also witness the exact amount of mercury released by placing the tube in the lid of the thermo-holder. These thermometers work the same way as liquid thermometers, where you just need a mercury-based thermometer, and a glass tube to place your probe into to measure temperature.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. K. MIller

    This is easy to use and shakes down like an old thermometer. You have to rotate it, much like an old thermometer, before you find the correct angle to see the column. It takes a good three minutes under the tongue with the mouth closed to get an accurate read. If your children were raised with instant read digital thermometers, this can require some mental adjustment. But it’s good to know that the battery won’t be dead the next time they get sick, because no battery is a bad thing.

  2. Vinny V.

    I figured I had a defective one as well, because when it came, the blue line seemed to be all the way to the top and would not come down no matter how hard I shook it. I decided to take my temp anyway. A shorter blue line had gone up to 98.6 from another angle. This seemed true because I wasn’t sick. I was able to shake the line with no more effort than you had to put into mercury thermometers.

    I believe that many people who are having difficulty shaking down the temperature are misreading it.

  3. Korkken

    I actually desired a non-battery-powered thermometer. I didn’t buy the cheapest one available, but I was hoping this would suffice as a substitute for a glass mercury thermometer. It arrived slowly (2-1/2 months was a long time, even with COVID thermometer shortages) and never worked. When the silver fluid in the glass tube was unpacked, it was above 42 degrees Celsius (maximum reading), despite the fact that the room temperature was about 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23C). And after shaking it down to the bulb end, like an old mercury thermometer, the fluid easily rose up above 42 degrees Celsius.

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