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Handheld Nebulizer with Ionic Silver Solution there’s my little nebulizer in the top container there you can see the liquid flowing around that’s my silver solution and I’m gonna flip this phone around and see if you can get a picture of me I don’t know how good that is probably not very good anyway […]
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Handheld Nebulizer with Ionic Silver Solution



there’s my little nebulizer in the top
container there you can see the liquid
flowing around that’s my silver solution
and I’m gonna flip this phone around and
see if you can get a picture of me I
don’t know how good that is probably not
very good anyway just deep breaths of
this stuff
I got it hooked up to the little power
cord that goes into the USB port if
you’ll see on the bottom here there’s a
battery compartment but I don’t use the
batteries as long as I can make this
stuff work now you’ll notice that the
solutions getting a little low so when
it gets low it’ll automatically turn off
and then to clean this thing out you
just pop that top unit off of there run
it under hot water and then let it dry
it works good

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Handheld Nebulizer Review

Handheld Nebulizers are a vital medical device for providing effective and efficient airways procedure to individuals who are suffering from various respiratory ailments such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, and other conditions. The newest generation of nebulizers is known as the Pocket Nebulizers which is gaining more popularity among the new age patients. One of the most important features of these devices is that they are easy to use and can be carried around anywhere. There is no difference between the size or shape of handheld nebulizers. They work just like the inhaler in that you breathe in through the nose and release the air through the mouthpiece.

Handheld nebulizers come in various brands and models, which include the rechargeable battery nebulizers, battery-operated nebulizers and the battery-operated humidifiers. There are some basic points to consider before choosing one. They all have similar functions and some differences as well. However, some of the newer models have gained higher customer ratings and customer reviews due to their advanced features, ease of use and cost and customer reviews of more than one manufacturer. Some of the top portable units include the lithium-ion battery, the pocket-sized nebulizers, the electronic nebulizers, the automatic atomizer, the digital rechargeable nebulizers and the auto-cycling nebulizers.

A lithium-ion battery powered nebulizer will be ideal for persons with a cold or sinus condition. They are designed to provide the most effective relief for these conditions. They work by supplying the liquid medicine into the lungs via the vapor channel and delivering it into the airways. As a result, a greater amount of oxygen is delivered to the patient.

Pocket-sized nebulizers are perfect for those who frequently suffer from allergic reactions during breathing. These devices can help improve respiratory conditions brought about by asthma or allergies by providing an immediate relief from coughing, hacking, and wheezing. They also are perfect for persons who experience difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and increased breathlessness. Many of these devices use an atomizer that contains compressed air to deliver the medication into the air. There are also some battery-operated nebulizers that use pressurized carbon dioxide to supply an immediate effect on the respiratory system.

Another important feature of any nebulizer system should be its compressor. Although this might seem unnecessary, a compressor will help increase the effectiveness of the device by increasing its efficiency. Most models should provide at least a 1 cubic foot air compression capacity; however, you may want to find a model that has a higher capacity because you may need to use the compressor more often, especially if you are using the product in an emergency situation.

Handheld nebulizers are ideal for persons with severe respiratory conditions because of their small size and compact design. Because of their small size, however, they are also more difficult to use than other devices that use a compressor to deliver the medication. This is why you should purchase a portable humidifier or vaporizer that uses a high-speed compressor to ensure proper delivery of the medication.

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  1. Avatar
    Gretchen Nelson

    This is a fantastic little nebula! I didn’t have high expectations for it, but it was well worth the money, and I’ll replace it if the need arises. It’s quiet and doesn’t wake up the whole house, it fits in my purse for travel, and our child can run it independently. Outstanding product.

  2. Avatar

    This is an excellent nebulizer. When I’m sick and my asthma flares up, I just need one. For the first time, I used it today. The mist is much finer than what the larger nebs produce. It also moves at a breakneck pace. I used two aa batteries in it (which are not included). It also comes with a USB cable, so you can use it with a battery. It was easy to set up. The instruction manual must be read. Cleaning with purified water is a unique experience, but it is possible. The portability is a huge plus for me. The durability of the product can be determined over time.

  3. Avatar
    Rhonda L. Brown

    My portable nebulizer is fantastic! It’s not bulky or heavy, and the bag that comes with it fits everything I need inside and fits in my pocket. I was reluctant to buy this at first because of the negative feedback, but don’t let that deter you. You should be fine if you read your pamphlet and obey the instructions about how to use it. Even, get the warranty in case something goes wrong! One thing I noticed is that a single treatment session Would deplete your battery, which is why mine shut off before it was done. I’ve seen a lot of similar reviews. Following that, I used my USB during care and it worked well. It accomplishes its goal! You’re also not supposed to be dancing all over the place when doing this; if you’re continuously shifting, the medicine cap can sense that there’s no solution in it, so just obey the instructions, make sure it’s clean with each use, and make sure it’s on securely or the medicine can leak out. Before you criticize the item or the business, make sure you know how to troubleshoot it and that you’re doing whatever you can to make it work. It works well and I’ve already used it many times. I’m also getting one for my son. It’s also lightweight and delicate, so don’t touch it if you don’t want to smash anything. This should keep me going for a while.

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