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Sojoy 12V Heated Travel Electric Blanket hey guys Digital David here today I’m excited to be unboxing and reviewing for you all a so joy electric card heated blanket I’m excited about this product cuz I have also reviewed from so joy another car product it was a heated seat cover for your car that […]
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Stalwart - Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Weather, Tailgating, and Emergency Kits by Stalwart-BLACK/WHITE 59” (L) x 43” (W)
Comfier 12V Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief -Christmas Gifts for Mom,Women,Men,3 Settings & Washable Cozy Plush Heating Pads for Cramps,Heat Patches & Wraps
Electrowarmth Twin, Heated Mattress Pad, Non-Fitted, Size 36 x 60, Model# T36 12V Used in Trucks, RVs, Campers, White
Stalwart 12 Volt Electric Car Blanket
Comfier 12V Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief
Electrowarmth Twin Heated Mattress Pad, Model# T36 12V Used in Trucks, RVs, Campers
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Price not available
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Stalwart - Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Weather, Tailgating, and Emergency Kits by Stalwart-BLACK/WHITE 59” (L) x 43” (W)
Stalwart 12 Volt Electric Car Blanket
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Comfier 12V Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief -Christmas Gifts for Mom,Women,Men,3 Settings & Washable Cozy Plush Heating Pads for Cramps,Heat Patches & Wraps
Comfier 12V Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief
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Electrowarmth Twin, Heated Mattress Pad, Non-Fitted, Size 36 x 60, Model# T36 12V Used in Trucks, RVs, Campers, White
Electrowarmth Twin Heated Mattress Pad, Model# T36 12V Used in Trucks, RVs, Campers
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Sojoy 12V Heated Travel Electric Blanket



hey guys Digital David here today I’m
excited to be unboxing and reviewing for
you all a so joy electric card heated
blanket I’m excited about this product
cuz I have also reviewed from so joy
another car product it was a heated seat
cover for your car that plugs in with
the same DC 12 volt adapter right into
your car so great to have another
product for them glad that they sent me
this to review now this is the product
and how it comes packaged to drape
straight from Amazon which is really
nice but I have to say this has been the
Christmas holiday shipping season so on
the front you can see this is not so
Joy’s fault it’s the fault of the post
office they really clobbered this
package so I don’t have a nice neat
package for you to review today but I
didn’t want to show you guys how crazy
the post office can handle stuff with
shipping so not a fall to them they make
great products great packaging
thankfully this is just a heated blanket
and they tuck it right in the box so we
can survive rough shipping from the post
office so not very often do I get
products in damaged boxes but this one
didn’t come damage to me and I can think
the holiday season for that in the post
office so here’s how it comes packaged
to do let’s go ahead and open it up
really nice product right here so what
we can see we have it’s the I heated
comfort the heated expert heated product
series be powered by vehicle 12 volt
electric heated travel blanket for your
car really cool really a great product
you know if you’re always cold in the
car you’re in a very cold climate and
you want this just a couple of reasons
to have it you know winter could just be
a rough time anyway so this can just
help you stay that much warmer if you
have a long ways to drive thinking maybe
truck drivers – also you may just want
to keep one in your car maybe just like
a safety thing so something ever
happened to you but you can still have
your car in power you have a blanket and
you can have a heated blanket so looks
really nice really impressed with it
you’re not gonna save this little baggie
anyways but they do give you a handle in
the case if you wanted to so that’s nice
nice packaging now let’s go ahead and
just over
so here is the blankets we have the so
joy i heated comfort Touhou plushie to
travel blanket safety and instructions
showing you the heated area the webbing
the plug insert an easy wired controller
with two reheating levels 12 volt DC
adapter with seven amp fuse so do you
ever have anything happened it does have
a seven in fuse if you need to replace
that and you troubleshoot it so they
also have ways to troubleshoot other
things and safety warnings hold on to
this you might need it here is the
blanket it looks really nice really cool
I like the blue they have a couple
different options on Amazon as well so
I’ll link to this item but then you can
add other ones if you so choose so
really comfortable you can feel the wire
webbing whenever want to call it in the
blanket a little bit but that’s gonna be
nice it’s all over so you can really
have a nice warm blanket so I want to
show you guys too right here maybe if
I’m under might be a little hard to see
if the overhead camera but we have if
you can there’s a high a medium a low so
sixty forty five thirty so you can
select the temperature right there and
then there’s the time so this looks
great we’ll go ahead – we’ll go outside
and make sure we can plug it in and see
how it works
I did notice right here mines actually
cracked so it may have been broke in
shipping actually so we’ll see if it
still works not sure if this will or
won’t depending on what sort of sensors
or what’s in this button so hopefully it
still works but you can see I do have a
crack there again I don’t want that to
be a reflection of so joy I had a
wonderful experience with their car seat
cover again you saw the box and how
damaged that was so that’s definitely
going to be on the post office again but
yeah I’m pretty sure that it got
I can see yep I found a black piece of
plastic right here I’m seeing that this
is actually broke to smithereens you can
see that
has been clobbered and then I can tell
because right in this video if you can
see right here look at the imprint and
impression of this so whatever happened
to damage the box but you can see right
here will cover the shipping label
whatever damage this right here
really push down on this in the blanket
and it busted this and broke this cover
too and I can hear stuff going around in
there so we’ll still go ahead and we’ll
try it out of the car and hopefully it
works but again you have nothing to
worry about if you Orbis yourself and
you know you can always if you did have
trouble amazon has excellent customer
service and we’ll get you taken care of
but again if i can’t for some reason
plug this in out in the car i want to
walk through again what you should be
able do you have a high medium and low
so you can select it with the top button
hiney diem low and a timer do you want
60 minutes 45 minutes for 30 minutes and
mine already came plugged in if yours
doesn’t come plugged in there’s this
little arrow right here so you can just
let’s see if i can get that out but you
just got to plug it right in with that
arrow so i’m actually not gonna take it
out because it’s already plugged in and
that’s nice so we’ll go ahead now go out
to the car see if this still works we’re
really excited about it looks like a
really really nice blanket alright so we
are in my car you can see how damaged
this is but the red light is still
flashing so we do have power and
everything is good to go
then we come over to the control and
it’s really nice again I think the
buttons are acting a little weird
because of this damage but again that
happened in shipment so you have a high
medium low 60 45 30 so we’ll keep it on
the 60 Minutes but you can use this
temperature gauge to switch now we’re on
medium and that’s that yellow light and
then low is the green light so let’s go
back to high and then we have the second
button for the timer so it defaults to
45 minutes but if you want to change it
you can push it once for 30 minutes and
this will flash green twice for 45 that
will flash yellow and then three times
for red and that will flash so let’s see
if we can do this right so want to
change the time once you push it once
you can see it flash three times green
and now
go back to I okay why don’t want 30
minutes now I want 45 minutes you got to
push it twice one two and you saw it did
light up let’s try to get one to see now
it’s flashing three times so now you
have it set for 45 minutes on what
should be high but I must have bonk that
to again it’s being a little weird and I
think it’s because of that damage right
and then you can push it three times one
two three there and now it’s flashing
red three times to show you it’s set on
high for 60 minutes so again in a review
the timer if you want it for 30 minutes
you just push this button once that will
flash green three times if you want it
for 45 minutes which is the default so
you don’t have to change it this will
flash yellow three times after you push
it twice and if you want 60 minutes for
your timer setting push this three times
that will flash red three times and
you’re good to go so the cars been
running for a little while let’s see if
I can even feel that the blankets
getting warm and I want to say yes cuz
it’s just so cold out here oh yeah yeah
I can definitely feel it I wish I maybe
had a thermal camera that’d be kind of
cool to to see but it does feel warm
I can feel heat generating from these
elements so it is gonna work as
advertised and I honestly I’m I’m
impressed that it got so beat up and
shipping yet it’s still durable so that
bodes well in the future you know if
you’re gonna use this in your car you
might expect maybe something would crack
on it if you really damaged it but it
should still probably work so that’s
that’s pretty nice to know that it’s
that durable of a product alright I hope
you guys liked that review to see this
in the car in action it did start to
heat up for me I’m gonna imagine it
probably takes you know 10 15 minutes or
so if not longer to really get nice and
toasty for you impressed by the quality
of this that it could still work even
though you saw that shipping box it got
clobbered on the way here so I’m yeah
great product go ahead you can check it
out so Joy’s the brain they’re on Amazon
the link is in my video’s scription
below to take you right to the product
different color options as well so
really impressed with them and they
continue to make more products and so I
appreciate you guys being here thank you
so much for watching hit that like
button hit that sub button let me know
if you have any questions comments
concerns that sort of thing
join my newsletter check out my website
and just stay tuned for more content on
my channel I really appreciate you guys
being here hope these videos are helpful
to you feel free again to reach out any
capacity follow me on Instagram and
Twitter that sort of thing too and thank
you guys so much for being here have a
Happy New Year and I will see you all in
my next video thanks

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12 volt Heating Pad Review

A new technology is making its way into homes across the country and the name of this technology is the 12 volt heating pad. The pad can be found in many different sizes with some being small enough to fit on your counter top and others being larger and more like a large dog biscuit. These units are very easy to use, cheap, and make it possible for almost anyone to expand their home’s heating system in this way. If you haven’t heard about these units before, then read on to find out what they are, how they work, and why so many homeowners are switching over to them.

The way these units work is similar to the way that an air conditioner cools a room to get down into a temperature range that most people enjoy. The 12 volt heating pad simply adds a few volts to the cigarette lighter that is already there or that you already have to have around the house. Then when you put your blanket or other bedding on top of the unit, it will automatically turn on and begin warming up the blanket or other bedding so that it can get to the proper temperature range. This is done by getting the water in the unit to boil while also holding the temperature constant.

A 12 volt heating pad that is used in a landyacht can also be used as an air conditioner or even as a refrigerator. This is a great addition to any yacht owner or anyone who owns multiple RVs and wants to keep one of each in the back of the truck or on their deck or in storage for the winter. Using a smaller inverter such as the inverter is a great way to do this because you don’t need a bulky 12v power inverter box.

What makes the heating pads so neat is that they use a very clean and effective technology. The way that they work is by using a short length of cord with a power cord that is not long enough to wrap around the entire pad. Instead they leave about an inch of cord between the end of the cord to the heating pad. This is all it takes to regulate the power levels and make sure that your heating pads are heated evenly during use.

There is actually another type of 12 v extra large heating pads that has been developed which provides a much better feel to the heated mattress pad. This technology is called the micro-bead technology. It heats up the pad in smaller increments, which gives a much warmer feeling to the pad. Because it is smaller in size, it is portable and easy to transport. The micro-bead technology uses heat conduction to heat up the pad more efficiently than the large BOSCH technology.

The BOSCH system was developed for camping and other outdoor recreational activities but has been adapted to fit indoor use as well. Since the heating pad is so small there is no need to store it in your car or basement. They are also extremely compact and can be placed right on your air mattress or in a corner of your RV or other camp area.

One of the best features of the odor pet heating pads is the fact that you can take them with you. You can easily remove the two removable covers for washing purposes. You just toss them into your washing machine. The manufacturer recommends that you set the temperature controls on the machine to a temperature range that is comfortable for you. If you ever decide to move your unit you can take the two removable covers with you.

12 volt Heating Pad Guide

12-volt heating pad for car seat

A 12-volt heating pad for car seat can be a godsend, especially during the cold weather. They work great to keep your child warm and comfortable on long trips or during those winter months when you need to stay indoors. These pads are portable and lightweight, so they can easily be folded and carried in your car’s trunk. They’re also small enough to be placed under a child’s seat, so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined or spilled. They can even be used in the vehicle’s trunk as an extra warming element.

An important thing to remember when using a pad of this type is to be sure that it matches the color of the interior of your car’s headrest or seating. If you have a black headliner, then the heating pad is probably going to look like black as well. The color of your heating element should also be compatible with the seat color. You can choose to heat up one side of the pad or both, depending on your preferences.

12-volt heating pad for bed

If you are looking to save on your heating bill during the winter, installing an inexpensive 12-volt bed heater for your bedroom may be exactly what you need. These small units heat your mattress and provide a comfortable heating solution for your bed when you can’t be around an electric heater or furnace. The great thing about these heating pads is that they can also be used as an energy saving appliance, meaning you can actually use them during the winter months and reap the rewards of lower energy bills. Here are some tips on how to choose the best bed heater for your situation:

First, think about where you will place the bed heater before deciding which style is best for your home. A portable radiant heating pad for bed will be very effective in a bedroom, but it will be much less effective if you plan to heat the entire bed room or use one central heating system to heat both the living and resting spaces in your house. The most effective way to heat a large room is to run a separate air conditioning system, or use an elaborate system of forced air ducts and heating panels throughout the home. This is the best way to heat large rooms without wasting a lot of energy, and it is also the most efficient way to heat the bed as well. Of course, if you are hoping to keep your child warm at night or to use the bed heater during the day, it might not be practical to implement a whole home heating system, so look for a portable bed heater that can be moved wherever you need it.

Finally, look for a unit that comes with an adjustable thermostat and programmable features so that you can set your heating pad for the specific temperature that you like. Even if you are planning to use the heating pad for other purposes than heating your bed, you still want to have a thermostat that can be easily regulated. Using a heating pad for an extended period of time without adjustment is a waste of money, because you are ultimately paying more for energy than you are using. It makes sense to find a pad that has an adjustable thermostat and programmable features, and that is comfortable for you to sleep on.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Josey

    On our commercial deliveries, use our pickup canopy as a hotel room because winters are harsh. This mattress pad is AMAZING. I can’t believe I’m getting to sleep in a warm bed. We run it for 20 to 30 minutes off the pickup before stopping for the night, then plug it into our rechargeable jump starter on very cold nights so we don’t have to worry about our pickup battery getting worn down during the night, then recharge the jumpstarter while driving down the road during the day. We wish we had found it earlier. Our bed is a queensize memory foam 3″ with a radiator in the center that works perfectly.

  2. Kat

    After a summer spent in the backseat, I used this for the first time. It is no longer heating up. The light turns on when it’s plugged in, and the car port works to charge phones and other devices, so I know it’s not the car. It’s still usable as a blanket, but I had plenty of those.

    This quickly heats up. It’s fantastic. It’s a lap size, so it’s not too big. This item was purchased because my SUV takes much longer to warm up than my car. With this scarf, I’m much more at ease.

  3. TS

    On the “high” atmosphere, this provides moderate warmth. Product of high quality; seems to be long-lasting. It’s the only heating pad I could find that runs on 12 volts (adapter included) and has a low maximum consumption of 24 watts (compared to the more typical 75w). This means you’ll save money on electricity costs if you use it for a long period of time during the day, and the current in the vicinity of your body is a safe 12 volts.

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