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The price of evaporative humidifier in the US is between $69.95 for the cheapest model and $174.99 for the most expensive humidifier, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier, Medium Room, 1 Gallon Tank, White – Invisible Moisture Humidifier for Baby, Kids, Adult Bedrooms – Quiet and Easy to Clean with UV Technology for Everyday Comfort reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier with Adjustable Humidistat and 3 Speeds reviewed by Community Clinic Association
AIRCARE Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier (Copper Night) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier with SimpleTank, 1 Gallon Capacity, White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier White
Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier
AIRCARE H12600, Copper Night Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier
Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier
Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier
Stadler Form
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Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier, Medium Room, 1 Gallon Tank, White – Invisible Moisture Humidifier for Baby, Kids, Adult Bedrooms – Quiet and Easy to Clean with UV Technology for Everyday Comfort reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier White
Prime Benefits
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Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier with Adjustable Humidistat and 3 Speeds reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier
Prime Benefits
Product Page
AIRCARE Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier (Copper Night) reviewed by Community Clinic Association
AIRCARE H12600, Copper Night Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier
Prime Benefits
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Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier Black reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Stadler Form O-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier
Stadler Form
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Price not available
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Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier with SimpleTank, 1 Gallon Capacity, White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier
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Xiaomi Mijia SmartMi Evaporative Humidifier v2 Demo Video



hi there welcome today we’re gonna
review the smart me evaporative
series – this is actually a high-tech
humidifier you can connect it to your
iPhone or your smartphone you can see
what the temperature of the room the
humidity of the room the capacity or the
state of the capacity of the water into
the reservoir all these things are on
your phone but are also with LEDs
displayed on the machine itself for ease
of use or for the for the benefit of
this this review I’m gonna also compare
it to a de vente Fanta is also this kind
of humidifier that’s the one we had
first it’s a very good machine made in
Germany but it’s actually the principle
is great but it lacks all the functions
that the smart me has today so I think
the smart me is actually more of a copy
from the vent than the other way around
but in the end after my event quit
working I chose to choose for the
Chinese version because I have seen that
the products from from Xiaomi are
actually quite good and I wanted to try
this also because the vent is going in
region up to 400 euro and the smart-me
is only about 100 120 euro depending on
which add site you are buying it so this
is the box where the smart me is
delivered in when we open it up we have
protection we have the manual of course
we have the machine itself the machine
consists of two parts this is the upper
part and of course the lower part
another protection and here we have the
drum now of course you have to remove
also this protection first and now the
drum can spin freely inside the lower
part has nothing to do with electricity
it’s completely safe so when water rises
to a certain level let’s say up till
there’s no problem the only thing we
have here are two contacts and this is
for the sensor which senses the volume
of this this container I think this is
the way forward
on the second part we have the power
plug we have the inlet the outlet we
have two buttons and a lot of LED lights
and this just goes on top of the other
and this is how the box is looking when
it’s completely assembled when we look
inside we have this drum
this drum consists of all separate
plates these plates are rotating into
the water and the water sticks on the
surface of these plates when air comes
true it takes the moisture with it and
it blows it on top of the machine we
have one gear here another on the other
side and this is used to actually propel
the blades or a complete drum the motor
itself is connected to a smaller gear
inside the upper part and there’s a
second motor which spins this this fan
inside machine so it takes out air air
from outside in the box and on top it
blows out another cool thing that I
don’t have with the older vanta the
older venta is much bigger it has two
compartments or actually one
compartments but two drums so as you can
see these are fairly similar but the
fanta has two the main reason is that
this is suited for rooms up till I think
40 square meters this one can be used
for rooms up till 70 square meter
another beneficial thing over the venta
is that you can actually loosen this
take this off you can take off each
blades so it’s easier to clean what we
used to do with the Venter when it was
dirty and believe me it will get dirty
we just took the tray and put it in the
dishwasher however this is quite big and
also we never got it rinsed quite nicely
so I hope the fact that we can take off
all the blades separately we will be
able to clean this machine much easier
than the Venter one so when I put this
on top again we have the assembled
machine another advantage over the vent
the venta you have to open each time you
want to fill er up
so you should have to do this take this
to the sink or bring a bottle and fill
it up
however smart-me has also also thought
about it and said ok we’re going to
design it that way so you can just pour
water inside here even when the machine
is working and everything’s fine so I
think that’s great
another thing maybe I come a bit closer
is you see all these LEDs here these 5
LEDs by the way that’s my cat Armani
these five LEDs show the level of the
water in the container so you will be
able to see how much water is in there
and also through the phone it will make
it will give you a notice that ok
be aware that is only a little bit of
water anymore please fill er up here we
have the sign of the Wi-Fi and here we
can say okay spin the ventilator very
calm a little bit more much more or
completely automatic when we do it
automatic it will use the parameters of
humidity of temperature to say okay I’m
gonna automatically put it in this this
or this position when the room is more
humid it will lower it when the room is
very dry it will go to maximal position
these two buttons are to start the
machine or to change the parameters of
this one so now I’m gonna put the block
in there
you have heard a beep but nothing is
happening okay so now I’m going to the
app you can see I already have smart me
but I want the second one so I clicked
on there that he found one this is my
home network okay next make sure
bluetooth is on in my case it is
so now it first wants to make a
connection with bluetooth so we can have
the settings of the Wi-Fi to the machine
keep your phone as close as possible to
the router everything is done okay now
he says okay select your room yeah
because I already have one in the living
room and this one will be in the bedroom
I’ll take bedroom next now you can also
rename it but I think for now I’ll leave
the name next and start okay okay
so for now he says nothing I’m gonna
push on off um so in the mean time when
I have taken the water it already says
on the phone that I have 41% of humidity
inside the room but here I still have
one which is blinking so not enough
water and this is the great thing
you just have a jar of water and when
the machine is on you can just pour it
in there
so it has a minimum has to have a
minimum of water so I have to get
another one
not a jar of water so the contents of
the smart-me container is about four
liter what I have here is by about 1.25
liters so it needs a minimal amount of
water to have the first light off as you
can see now I have two lights on yeah
when the machine gives you a notice ok
please fill a wrap you can do about two
of these jars about 2.5 to 3 liters of
water inside the machine to fill er up
between empty and full so now you can
see on the app that humidity is 38% and
we have 39% of water in the container
and now take a third bucket so now it’s
back to one light two lights
tree lights tree lights so we will need
another one I just want to fill her up
because then you will see how easy it is
to know when she’s fell so here I come
again I have three LEDs burning for you
hear it it beeps and all five are
blinking that means that now the machine
is full please stop
also on the on the phone it should give
now indeed what a percentage 100%

Evaporative Humidifier Deals and Discounts

Evaporative Humidifier Review

The evaporative humidifier is a new invention that is slowly gaining in popularity. It is a small appliance that can humidify the air in a room or space with no external source of humidity being used. It can be used in places where air conditioning cannot be used.

Evaporative humidifiers can be used in any room in your home, or anywhere that you need to dry off a moist area. The machine works by extracting moisture from the air that it is in and transferring that moisture to a special reservoir. The water in the reservoir is then heated and then circulated through the unit to remove the moisture. This then allows the air to remain dry, which keeps the air clean and eliminates the need for drying air conditioning.

One of the main benefits of having an evaporative humidifier is that it can reduce the amount of water that is in the air in your home. Many people believe that this makes the air in your home less humid, which makes the air even more desirable. This can be the difference between a dry and moist home. This is one of the reasons that people are choosing to use a humidifier to combat the dry air that is common in many homes.

Evaporative humidifiers are typically powered by batteries. The batteries are then linked to the air conditioner that they are used in, which allows the evaporative humidifier to keep the air in your home as dry as possible. This is because a dry air environment is easier for the body to work with than a humid one. When the air is drier than it needs to be, it is easier for it to become moist.

When looking for an evaporative humidifier, it is important to understand the differences between a humidifier and a dehumidifier. These are very different devices and are not the same. A humidifier will work to provide a warm environment, while a dehumidifier works to lower the humidity in the air in your home. You will need to determine which is the best option for you and your specific needs.

Evaporative humidifiers are relatively new but have many benefits and will continue to gain popularity as more people find the value of using these appliances in their homes. When you are ready to buy an evaporative humidifier, you will want to look for a unit that has the features that you need and to read the user reviews to see what others have to say about the humidifier.

Pros of using evaporative humidifier

  • Cost-effective: Evaporative humidifiers are generally more affordable than other types of humidifiers, making them a great option for those on a budget.
  • Safe: Evaporative humidifiers do not use heat to create humidity, making them safe for use in homes with children and pets. There are no hot surfaces that can cause burns.
  • Easy to maintain: Evaporative humidifiers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They typically only require periodic filter replacements, which can be done quickly and easily.

Cons of using evaporative humidifier

  • Noisier: Evaporative humidifiers use a fan to circulate moisture into the air, which can create some noise. Some people find the noise level to be bothersome, particularly if they are using the humidifier in a bedroom or other quiet space.
  • Requires regular cleaning: As with all types of humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. This can be time-consuming and may require some disassembly of the unit.
  • Not as effective in larger rooms: Evaporative humidifiers are most effective in smaller rooms. In larger rooms, they may not be able to keep up with the demand for moisture and may require multiple units to be effective.

In summary, evaporative humidifiers are a cost-effective and safe option for adding moisture to the air in your home. They are relatively easy to maintain but may be noisier and less effective in larger rooms than other types of humidifiers. As with any type of humidifier, regular cleaning is required to ensure proper operation and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Evaporative Humidifier Guide

Evaporative cool mist humidifier

An evaporative cool mist humidifier is a great alternative to a standard humidifier. These humidifiers work by using the heat of your body to produce moisture in the air. The humid air is then distributed by a fan to all corners of the room. Evaporative Cool mist humidifiers are especially perfect for use during hot, summer days and in areas that experience a warm, humid environment.

An evaporative cool mist humidifier uses two types of filters: a first-stage evaporative filter and a second-stage filter. The first stage is designed to trap vapors; it is also used to disperse steam. The second-stage filter functions to remove dust particles and other impurities from the air. Some models have two filters, while others only use one.

An evaporative cool mist humidifier has many benefits for a home. They are often better than standard warm mist units because they require less maintenance. This means they are cost-effective for homes that need to be cooled on a fairly regular basis. They are also ideal in larger spaces such as an office. Many benefits come from using a cool mist humidifier inside a bedroom, bathroom, or other large living areas in your house.

Kenmore evaporative humidifier

Kenmore is known for its quality products, and the Kenmore Evaporative Humidifier is no exception. The Kenmore Evaporative Humidifier is a high-tech home humidifier that delivers an air filtration system that filters out microscopic particles that could be damaging to your health. The unit’s dual “instant-cool” technology provides up to 60 minutes of continuous cool air. In addition, it includes two whisper-quiet cooling fans to disperse airflow.

Lot # 23. Kenmore Evaporative Humidifier Recommended Retail: $185. Kenmore Evaporative Humidifier – (4.6-gallon capacity) This portable, easy-to-use Kenmore evaporative humidifier offers the quietest performance and higher humidity level available in a portable appliance.

This model comes with an included high-output honeycomb wicking filter and a replaceable dual-port water reservoir. The unit also has an adjustable front light and a two-handle remote control. The evaporative humidifier 154080 includes a unique front-access water tray that allows you quick access to the water container. You can pour or just simply spray water into the container. The high output honeycomb wicking filter keeps microorganisms from clinging to the surface of the water, while an optional self-retracting, stainless steel air filter keeps the air you breathe clean. with a high gallon capacity. These units are suitable for individual room settings where low humidity levels are required. The high-gallon capacity units are suitable for use indoors or out but are not recommended for use in bedrooms. The low-gallon capacity units are best used in bedrooms or living rooms where high moisture and humidity levels are found.

There are two styles of the Kenmore evaporative humidifier. There are the single-stage style and the two-stage style. The single-stage style uses a single, high-output appliance to maintain a constant humidity level. The two-stage style pumps water into the tank of the humidifier, and when the unit is turned on, it will increase the humidity level in the air to the setting the high bidder initially set.

Kaz evaporative humidifier

Kaz evaporative humidifier is a new design for home humidifiers. With its new evaporative cool technology, the Kaz will allow you to enjoy the cool air even in hot and humid conditions. When using a humidifier, the warm air from the humidifier is absorbed by the skin, which will be too warm to be comfortable. Kaz humidifiers will eliminate this dilemma by using the latest evaporation technology.

These types of humidifiers were initially invented by Kaz Co., a company located in Poland. Over the years, they have improved their designs and features. Kaz also introduced an added humidity spray. The humidity spray feature will enable you to add water or any other liquid easily and quickly. Evaporative cooling technologies are considered to be the most effective way to cool down your room. With a humidifier, you can experience coolness even in areas that normally feel hot, such as your bedroom, garage, kitchen, and basement.

You have a choice of the type of humidifier that you want to purchase. The basic types include ultrasonic humidifiers, forced-air, and cool mist ones. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to consider your needs before making a purchase. After all, it is your home that you will be using the humidifier for. Therefore, you must get a humidifier that will work well for you and will last for many years.

Huey nursery evaporative humidifier

The revolutionary new technology of the Huey nursery evaporative humidifier has been improved with this product. It offers a wide variety of features, including a low humidity sensor, a timer, a high-frequency oscillating fan, and an adjustable humidity level. It is especially useful for infants and babies. This is a better alternative than other humidifiers because it does not use boiling water and it has a variety of extra features that make it easy to clean and maintain. Huey can also desiccate tissue in less than two minutes.

An average-sized household will benefit greatly from the new technology of the Huey nursery evaporative humidifier. It is designed to provide water in a simple, efficient way. Parents can now create a perfect, humidity-controlled environment for their babies with just one simple touch of a button.

A typical unit of the Huey nursery evaporative humidifier consists of an evaporator, a baseboard, a pre-heater, and a hummer. It is very similar to an air conditioner, except that it does not use heat. The baseboard contains a moisture trap that will collect any excess moisture while the preheater blows cool air through the trap. The high-frequency oscillating fan draws warm air into the humidifier and blows cool air out. The baseboard is also linked to an electrically operated compressor to increase the speed of the fan and circulate the warmed air inside the house.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Thomas

    I’ve been using this whole house humidifier in a 1600 sq. ft. house for at least 5 weeks and keep the humidity at 45 percent with the fan set to 3. I’d rate it a ten out of ten for meeting my standards. It is not at all noisy, and it is easy to refill. By using a hose clamp to secure the refill hose, I was able to make it permanent. Since my wife was diagnosed with the H3N2 flu and pneumonia, I needed to have this in place. I was determined to buy after doing extensive analysis. We had been using a room humidifier from this company without issue for years, and that was my justification for insisting on a whole house humidifier from them. I like the way it appears as well.

  2. Neal Gibson

    This is a great humidifier that quickly raises the humidity level when set to maximum. I’ve set the humidity in my 800 sq. ft. bedroom (with 11 ft. ceilings) to 45 percent. Since it’s very noisy on top, I normally turn it down to low at night, but the humidity remains above 30%.

    I do have to mention that after six weeks, the bottom tray cracked and spilled water all over the concrete. Since this humidifier is made of thin plastic, it’s important to check for cracks on a regular basis. Mine broke in the corner, which is where the most stress is applied.

    Having said that, their customer service department promptly sent me a replacement base with no questions asked.

  3. Lance Bazz

    We’ve had three of these die for no apparent reason. One of them simply wouldn’t turn on one day, and the other two were fine before being stored for the summer (in an interior closet), but wouldn’t turn on when we needed them in the winter. Kaz needs you to cover the cost of return shipping (and you have to ship them the tray and water tank, too, which adds weight and cost to the package). That’s what I did with the first one that broke, and I got a replacement under warranty (after paying about 3/5 of the cost of a new one on shipping). We now have two more units that are no longer alive. I’ve sent an email to Kaz help and am awaiting a reply.

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