GeneralAire Humidifier Review

The price of GeneralAire humidifier in the US is between $79.99 for the cheapest model and $340.00 for the most expensive humidifier, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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GeneralAire Humidifier Unit 1042-LH reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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GeneralAire Humidifier Unit 1042-LH
GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier, 120V
GeneralAire 5137 1137 Legacy Humidifier
GeneralAire 900A Humidifier, 24V
GeneralAire 570M Humidifier, 24V
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Product Page
GeneralAire Humidifier Unit 1042-LH reviewed by Community Clinic Association
GeneralAire Humidifier Unit 1042-LH
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Product Page
GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier, 120V reviewed by Community Clinic Association
GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier, 120V
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Product Page
GeneralAire 5137 1137 Legacy Humidifier reviewed by Community Clinic Association
GeneralAire 5137 1137 Legacy Humidifier
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GeneralAire 900A Humidifier, 24V reviewed by Community Clinic Association
GeneralAire 900A Humidifier, 24V
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GeneralAire 570M Humidifier, 24V reviewed by Community Clinic Association
GeneralAire 570M Humidifier, 24V
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Installing a GeneralAire Elite 570M Humidifier



today you will learn how to install a
general air 570 m humidifier
for your safety all general air product
installation should be performed only by
a qualified contractor before beginning
any installation or maintenance on an
indoor air quality product be sure to
shut off power and water first locate
and identify the following items in the
box installation manual and duct cutout
template for the humidifier mhx 3c
manual humidistat and if you are
installing a 570 a the GFX 3 automatic
humidistat a low volt
120 volts to 24 volts a self piercing
saddle valve water line adapter the 570
you’ll also find your vapor pad inside
the humidifier assembled and ready to go
you’ll need the following tools a black
magic marker a selection of wire nuts a
selection of sheet metal screws a drill
with a quitter inch bit extension
measuring tape a screwdriver wire
cutters with strippers a pair of tin
snips adjustable crescent wrench copper
line cutters plastic PVC cutters
items not included in the box you’ll
need for the installation are 10 to 20
feet of 3/4 inch PVC rigid pipe and
several 3/4 PVC fittings like elbows
tees and 45 angle you should have PVC
glue and primer on hand also instead of
PVC you have the option to use hose as
your drain line
a 5-foot piece of 6-inch round sheet
metal pipe and a couple of 6-inch round
elbows and an a collar quarter-inch
copper tubing or quarter inch plastic
tubing for water supply 20 feet of 18 2
thermostat cable
start your installation by deciding
whether you want to install it on the
supply duct work or the return duct work
this decision depends how much room you
have for your installation a unique
benefit of the general air elite
humidifiers is the ability to change and
install the bypass from the left to
right side just pull the tab on the base
and the bypass damper assembly easily
lifts away simply insert on other side
first tear off the template and tape it
to the plenum ensuring it is level take
a magic marker and draw an outline
around the template remove the template
and using your tin snips cut the sheet
metal along the lines next we will
install the bypass a round piece of pipe
that comes from the side of the 570 m
connecting to the ductwork on the return
if you mount your unit on the supply
your bypass goes to your return or vice
versa hold the a collar up to the
supplied ductwork draw a circle around
the teeth of our a collar again use your
tin snips to cut out the hole next hold
the back housing of your m HX 3 C
humidistat to the ductwork above the
humidifier using your magic marker draw
a line around the humidistat housing
again cut out the hole with your tin
snips now that all three holes have been
cut out of the duct it’s time to first
install the humidifier separate the 5
summer TM cover and vapor pad frame from
the chassis
place the chassis on your humidifier
cutout to secure the humidifier slide
the unit onto the upper tabs first lower
it onto the bottom tabs it’s now locked
in place use sheet metal screws to
secure the base to the ductwork
utilizing the holes in the base next we
will a fix the bypass which allows air
to travel from one side of the ductwork
to the other start by installing the
take off work the toothed side of the a
collar into the ductwork bending each
tooth inside to secure it to the
ductwork next we install the pipe the
non crimped end fits into the bypass
measure slightly pass the crimped end to
slightly pass the crimped and on both
sides cut the round sheet metal to that
measurement using the tin snips the
finished bypass should connect the side
of the humidifier to the opposite
ductwork via the six inch round pipe and
if needed elbows secure the joints of
the duct work together with sheetmetal
screws using screws less than one inch
long on the bypass at the humidifier to
ensure the bypass turns freely now it’s
time to connect the water supply after
selecting a location to add your saddle
valve clamp the saddle valve around the
three-quarter copper pipe you chose for
water supply run your water supply line
from the saddle valve to the humidifier
securing it along the way connect the
water line to the saddle valve using the
compression nut and sleeve included in
the saddle valve kit be sure to use the
plastic sleeve for cold water supply on
plastic water supply and the copper
sleeve for hot water supply on the
copper line your water line runs down
the side of the humidifier to the inlet
of the solenoid tick off the compression
fittings and install the pipe tightening
the fittings back on with a crescent
wrench using the same method as the
saddle valve the water supply is now
if using 5/8 tubing connect the tubing
to the drain nipple under the unit and
run the line to the designated floor
drain if using 3/4 PVC rigid pipe cut
the pipe as needed utilizing the PVC
fittings to run the drain line down to
the floor next is wiring use the
installation manual to select the wiring
applicable to the humidifier you were
installing and the furnace in the home
when the wiring inside the furnace is
completed run the part of the wire
outside the furnace from the solenoid
valve to the humidistat to the solenoid
valve install the wiring to the
humidistat using the common c and
no terminals by using the included
female Spade terminals once the wiring
is connected clip the humidistat on to
the previously installed base now run
the wiring to the solenoid valve use
your wire strippers to strip the wire
use wire nuts to connect the wires to
the solenoid ensuring a snug connection
next you will insert your vapor pad
housing into the chassis the drain on
the drain pan should fit into the drain
of the chassis base push the vapor pad
into the chassis frame making sure the
pad assembly is secured by clicking the
assembly into the top of the frame place
the general air badge onto the cover of
the unit inside the badge frame before
completing the installation tasks the
570 open the damper
humidifier and furnace on watch to see
water travels through the solenoid and
down the drain when setting the initial
humidity level set the dial to amenity
levels between 40 and 60%
to increase humidity turn the dial
toward the 75% mark to decrease humidity
turn the MH x3c humidistat dial towards
the 10% mark always adjust in small
increments and allow two to three days
before making another adjustment as this
is the amount of time it may take for
humidity to reach the entire home if all
is running well your installation is
complete thank you for watching the
general air 570 m humidifier
installation video check out other
general air product videos at general
filters comm or on YouTube by searching
general air Inc

GeneralAire Humidifier Deals and Discounts

GeneralAire Humidifiers

Here are a few guidelines that will help you be a better online shopping customer: if you’re looking for an affordable humidifier, always read the full product details and product specifications before you make your purchase. Always ask what the return and replacement policies are before you purchase. Read through all the pages carefully and don’t just glance at the display photos; it may be too late by then.

Humidifiers that use steam to release moisture have been on the market for years. But have you ever considered buying a GeneralAire humidifier instead? GeneralAire humidifiers and related products have been around for many years. The brand has grown with experience, improving on technology as well as selecting the best brands and making them user-friendly. The new steam humidifiers from GeneralAire are a leader in the HVAC industry. The design of the humidifiers makes them easy to clean and they come with a 10-year limited warranty which makes them even more trustworthy.

GeneralAire humidifiers are also a great choice because they are quiet to operate, yet they produce high humidity levels. No other brand or model will ever reach those levels naturally. The steam humidifiers from GeneralAire are easy to operate, but only if you know what you’re doing. Don’t take shortcuts in using it. Always follow the directions and don’t just “place” the humidifier somewhere without turning it on. The bypass valve ensures that there is complete control over the water supply of the whole-house humidifier unit.

When purchasing a humidifier, it is important to know that a high-quality unit should be able to provide a steady humidity level of around fifty percent. The GeneralAire humidifier pad can be used to add humidity to the air by turning on the hot water on the humidifier pad and leaving it to distribute warm air into the room. You should turn on the humidifier before using the generalizer to ensure that the humidifier pad is heating the water evenly.

GeneralAire humidifiers also have a humidistat built-in, which allows you to adjust the moisture in the air by clicking a button on the humidifier’s humidistat. You can leave the humidistat on until you are ready to turn it off, then simply do so. This is an exceptional feature compared to other brands of humidifiers, which require you to switch the humidifier on and off every few hours. If you like your humidistat, it is recommended that you purchase a humidifier with a programmable humidistat. With most brands, you will be able to set your preferred humidity level and the humidifier will turn on at that setting and cycle through the cycles when you set it.

GeneralAire humidifiers are extremely energy efficient, especially if they have a solar-powered ionizer included. Because they run on low energy, they are incredibly quiet while operating, and they do not draw excess electricity. They will also run for approximately twenty-four hours straight without needing to recharge. They are designed to provide you with incredibly clean dry air and to filter out toxins and bacteria in the air, which is why they are so great for helping children remain healthy.

Pros of GeneralAire humidifier

GeneralAire humidifiers are a popular brand of whole-house humidifiers. They are designed to maintain a comfortable level of humidity throughout a house or building, which can help prevent dry skin, alleviate respiratory symptoms, and protect wooden furniture from cracking.

  • Automatic humidity control throughout the house: GeneralAire whole-house humidifiers can maintain a comfortable level of humidity throughout the house, which is particularly beneficial in the winter when indoor air tends to be dry due to heating systems.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Maintaining a healthy level of humidity in the home can improve indoor air quality by reducing the number of airborne particles that can trigger allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Prevents dry skin and other discomforts: Humidifiers can help prevent dry skin, chapped lips, sore throats, sinus irritation, and allergies caused by dry air, all of which can be alleviated with a GeneralAire humidifier.
  • Protects wooden furniture: A whole-house humidifier like GeneralAire can help protect wooden floors and other items from cracking and bending due to a lack of moisture, which is essential for the structural integrity of the items.

Cons of GeneralAire humidifier

  • Installation can be expensive: Installation of a GeneralAire humidifier can be costly, particularly if it is installed in the ductwork of a forced-air heating system.
  • Regular maintenance is required: To avoid the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful particles, GeneralAire humidifiers require regular cleaning and maintenance. This can be time-consuming and may require additional expenses for replacement filters and other parts.
  • May promote mold growth: If not properly maintained, humidifiers can promote mold growth, which can be harmful to indoor air quality.
  • Types of humidifiers: GeneralAire humidifiers are available in different types, including cool mist, warm mist, ultrasonic, evaporative, and vaporizers. Understanding which type of humidifier is suitable for a specific environment is important in achieving optimal results.

In conclusion, GeneralAire humidifiers can be beneficial for maintaining a comfortable level of humidity throughout the house, improving indoor air quality, and preventing dry skin and other discomforts. However, they may require regular maintenance and can be expensive to install. It is important to understand the different types of humidifiers and to choose the appropriate type for a specific environment to achieve optimal results.

GeneralAire Humidifier Guide

Replacing a filter for a whole house GeneralAire humidifier

Replacing a filter for a whole-house humidifier is easy. Some of the more popular brands of humidifiers will come with their filters replaced in the box when you purchase the machine. For those who have an older model, you may need to go to your local HVAC shop to find the correct replacement for your humidifier. Alternatively, many companies offer online ordering for your filters and your other humidifier components.

Some of the best filters for a humidifier for the whole house are made by the HVAC Company, such as the Indoor Air Pollution Cleaner (IAP), the HEPA-1000 high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA), the Zone Wet Humidifier (ZH), and the Whole House Humidifier (BH). If you are considering replacing a filter for a house humidifier, you may also want to consider purchasing a humidistat to replace the filter in your humidifier and use the humidistat in conjunction with the HVAC system to regulate the moisture in the air in your house. Some humidistats are water-based and will need to be replaced annually while others are oil-based and can be washed out or wiped clean depending on the type of humidifier you own. There are several brands of humidistats from which to choose, including the Miele Humidistat and the ComfortMaster Humidistat. Humidistats are inexpensive ways to improve your house’s humidity level, which can have several health benefits including preventing skin infections and other problems, from dehydration and heat stroke.

In addition to purchasing the right filter for a house humidifier, it is important to keep the humidifier as clean as possible. This will help to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your home. To keep your humidifier running at peak performance, you must regularly empty the water or tank inside of your unit. By keeping your humidifier clean, you can help it work more efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Greg L.

    If you’re mechanically inclined, this is a great deal with a simple installation. I decided to put the stat next to my old thermostat. You’ll need a lot of wire. I used an ice maker installation kit that included a rough-in box and braided stainless hose. You just need to slightly open the valve if you don’t want to waste a lot of water. I will also suggest the current sensing switch, which will prevent the furnace from operating when it is not in use. If your basement or furnace room has a finished roof, another trick is to switch on the outside thermostat sensor. I ran all of my control wires up to the attic, down the wall to the stat, and through the rafters to the outdoor sensor.

  2. L. Finato

    I wouldn’t have needed to purchase this if GeneralAire hadn’t discarded its own commodity (the 1040). But I was stuck because they decided to make the same basic unit with exterior parts that did not suit the older 1040. So, in terms of GeneralAire, I have a very low opinion of them as an organization.

    At the very least, this 1042 bolted right up to the opening, with no need for new screw hols. However, there is another issue with this machine. Yes, you can set it to “vent” to the right or left, but if your furnace’s flue is close to the drain hose and you need it to vent to the right like mine, the drain hose is dangerously close to the flue pipe.

    Finally, if I had to start over, I believe I would purchase an AprilAire.

  3. Andja

    This has been going on for the past two years. It worked well the first year, as we saw a substantial decrease in static in the house during the winter months. Like the first reviewer, we saw a lot of water drain. The second year did not go as planned, as I found the fan was on and there was no water flowing. To get the water to start flowing, I had to drain the water line and disassemble the flow assembly to clean it. It’s been trickling in, and I’m afraid it’s not going as smoothly as it was the first year. I’m hoping that a little tender loving care will help it along and allow us to get more use out of it.

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