Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Review

The price of Honeywell whole house humidifier in the US is between $136.79 for the cheapest model and $238.96 for the most expensive humidifier, depending on its characteristics, functionality, and quality:

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Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A Whole House Humidifier reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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Honeywell Home HE280A Whole House Humidifier, White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
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Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A Whole House Humidifier reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell Home HE240A Whole House Humidifier reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell Home HE240A2001 HE240A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell Home HE280A Whole House Humidifier, White reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell Home HE280A2001 HE280A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell Home HE120A Whole House Humidifier reviewed by Community Clinic Association
Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier
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Honeywell HE280 Air Humidifier Demo Video



okay I’m going to review for you today
the Honeywell each e2 80 humidifier and
this is a humidifier as you can see that
hooks directly up to your furnace the
advantages you’re going to get of a unit
like this is that the maintenance is
almost nothing so if you have one of the
in room humidifiers you know that you’ve
got to clean it out you got to run
vinegar through it you may or may not
have a filter the ultrasonic versions do
not have a filter but you still have to
clean them out on a regular basis that’s
time consuming and in my experience the
in-room humidifiers don’t do a good job
they don’t really boost up the humidity
level to the point you need unless
they’re directed right in your face
which isn’t real pleasant this unit here
can bump your humidity right to what you
want in a matter of minutes I absolutely
love it and the big draw for me know
cleaning it has a water line that goes
right to it so as you can see here it’s
tapped right in so I don’t have to fill
any any water up or anything like that
it’s very inexpensive to run so it takes
a it’s not a filter but it’s a pad that
basically gets wet and water goes past
it or not water air goes past so the air
comes through and then it goes up
through the furnace and humidifies the
air so it’s really quite inexpensive in
the long run this unit here was about
$200 from Home Depot and this is the
bigger model there’s two models that 80
to 80 which is meant for 3,000 square
foot homes and above and then there’s
the each e to 40 which is meant for
anything zero
to 3,000 square feet so this is the
bigger model we have about a 2,400
square foot house so this is a little
bit overkill but it works fantastic we
can get this house to whatever
humidity level we want in no time at all
it’s easy to control I’ll show you the
control knob and it’s even they
advertise it at lowers heating bills
because moist air or humid air feels
warmer than dry air so the thought is is
that you could kick your thermostat down
a degree or two with this and save money
so they say it actually pays itself off
in a matter of a few years so some of
the cons are $218 I think is a price on
Home Depot and you can get about five
maybe six decent in or humidifiers for
that much but you can raise the case
that they don’t work nearly as
efficiently as this does so in my
experience I’ve had two different types
of humidifiers this is the third I would
do this again in a heartbeat the only
problem I have with this unit is not the
unit itself but the fact that you have
to cut a hole in your furnace to accept
that humidifier and so with that being
said if this unit ever dies I’m gonna
have to patch that hole and that’s just
something to kind of consider but really
that’s it for the cons my wife and I
were shocking each other so bad that if
we have the lights off you get seen arc
of electricity that was just crazy and
you could feel your clothes are sticking
you or getting nosebleeds everything is
drying out with this we keep it at about
40% humidity and it is like that
year-round it could be negative 30
degrees outside and this thing just
keeps it a cool consistent
human levels so it’s nice for sicknesses
you can just kind of modify that as you
want to without having to go through all
the hassle of filling up in room
humidifier cleaning it out replacing
filters which can be expensive so very
happy with this unit
I think Honeywell did a great job we did
not install this we purchased the home
with it installed but the homeowner we
bought it from said it was very easy to
do it took a couple hours and it was a
breeze so take the camera off the tripod
and we’re gonna go ahead and just kind
of look at some of the features so as I
had said this is the pad we buy once a
year it’s about ten dollars and that’s
that’s it for for that take you down
here here’s the AC adapter it plugs into
the wall that’s pretty self-explanatory
here is just a little tap into our cold
water line and that cold water line
feeds up into the unit itself and I can
take this off and show you what that
looks like as well and other than that
all you’ve got is the wire that runs
through here and this is the dial that
you can select so we have a humidity
gauge upstairs and they put a nice
little chart here to show you all right
so give an outside temperature where do
you want to be on the humidity setting
and there you go so it’s very
self-explanatory the only other thing it
has is this little drain tube and when
the furnace kicks on you can actually
see water any residual water come down
here and it’s very minimal I’d say maybe
it fills up like an 8 ounce cup after
running for 10-15 minutes so not bad at
all and I’m gonna go ahead and pop this
off so you can see what it looks like
inside alright now I apologize this it
is kind of difficult to get a good shot
in here maybe I’ll move over here but as
you can see there’s not much to it all I
did to screw up the cover and all this
is that little pad this black is the
water line that comes up basically just
sprays a mist of
water on this saturates the pad so it
feels damp right now and then this
little valve over here is in winter mode
obviously it’s letting the air through
but when you’re done in the summer and
you shut this thing off all you do is
flip this little dial over here and open
it up and that’s really all there is to
it so when you want to change the pad
this little frame is just four sections
that comes apart very self-explanatory
and you just swap it out it takes you
two minutes tops
and there’s really nothing to it you get
a little bit of dust and stuff down here
and that’s really all I do so I clean
that up maybe once a year and it’s good
to go
so I am very happy with this I can
highly recommend it
yeah did get I think just under a four
star rating on home depot site so it’s
not like a top rated option for some
reason but we have had fantastic luck
with it and we’re really liking it so
good job Honeywell and a good job from
what I hear on the installation
instructions and ease of putting it
together so I highly recommend it

Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Deals and Discounts

Honeywell Whole House Humidifiers

If you have been experiencing dry and itchy skin then the Honeywell whole-house humidifier is an excellent choice for you to consider. They come in a range of models to cater to your individual needs and this article will look at a few of the more common ones.

Honeywell whole house humidifiers come with a range of features which include the ability to measure moisture levels. These are very good for people with pets as they can monitor the level of moisture in the air for pets as well as individuals. You can set it for an exact level of moisture and when the levels drop the air will be heated or cooled depending on the settings.

The Honeywell whole house humidifier is also very easy to operate with the remote control available to control all of the features including the level of moisture. This is convenient as you don’t have to get up to adjust the settings as they are easy to use even when you’re not home.

Honeywell whole house humidifiers also come with a humidity monitor, which is great for people who live in high-humidity areas like Florida. This helps to give you an accurate reading and will prevent you from having to buy expensive products to remedy the situation. Coming in a wide range of sizes from tiny ones to bigger models. This is because humidifiers have many different settings. It is important to choose the correct size unit so that your home is perfectly balanced with the moisture in the air.

In conclusion, a Honeywell whole-house humidifier offers you a great choice for keeping your home well-maintained. They will not only make your air conditioner run more efficiently but will also help to keep you healthier. They are designed to be simple to use but do offer great value for money.

A humidifier can be a good option for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills or make sure that their home stays healthy. Honeywell whole house humidifiers can offer great value for money and if you think about how many times you go to your central heating system to change your air filter, think about how many times you do it with your humidifier. The benefits are clear and you might want to look into a whole house humidifier for your home today. You will find that there are some great deals out there on Honeywell whole house humidifiers so don’t waste any time at your local appliance store or shop online and find the ideal model that suits your needs.

Honeywell whole house humidifiers are a great option for any homeowner because they give you several options when you need to keep your air clean. If you haven’t considered a whole house humidifier before, now is the time to check out your options and find the best deal available on your next model.

Honeywell offers a wide range of whole house humidifiers, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one to purchase. Here are some of the pros and cons of Honeywell whole house humidifiers to help you make an informed decision:

Pros of Honeywell whole house humidifier

  • Automatic humidity control: Whole house humidifiers, including those from Honeywell, automatically control indoor humidity and keep it at a comfortable level.
  • Relieves dry skin, sinus problems, and static electricity: Honeywell whole house humidifiers increase the moisture in the air and can help alleviate these common problems.
  • Improves indoor air quality: By increasing humidity, whole house humidifiers can also help reduce the amount of airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

Cons of Honeywell whole house humidifier

  • Installation: Installing a whole house humidifier, including Honeywell models, can be more complex than a portable unit and may require professional installation.
  • Cost: Whole house humidifiers can range from $150 to $800, and steam humidifiers can be even more expensive. Factor in another $250 to $500 for installation fees.
  • Maintenance: Whole house humidifiers, like all humidifiers, require regular maintenance to prevent mold and mildew growth. Neglecting maintenance can lead to poor indoor air quality and even health problems.

Overall, Honeywell whole house humidifiers offer a convenient way to improve indoor air quality and alleviate dry air-related problems. However, it is important to consider the installation and maintenance requirements and the associated costs before making a purchase.

Honeywell Whole House Humidifier Guide

Honeywell HE360A whole house humidifier

Honeywell HE360 is designed to replace your need for a ducted heating system. Ducted heating systems require that you run new ductwork through your home to distribute the hot air to all parts of the house. Not only does this keep your entire home warmer, but it’s an extremely time-consuming job to run, maintain and have ducts running.

With the Honeywell HE360, you can bypass all of the ducts in your home, regulate your humidity level directly from your air cleaner, and not have to worry about running wires or having to deal with your furnace. All you have to do is turn on the air conditioner, and the Honeywell HE360 will handle the rest. This humidifier comes with a digital interface that allows you to monitor your humidity level throughout the house from any PC or LCD monitor that is hooked up to your system. You can set your humidity level too low or high and have it adjust to the perfect level for you at any time.

It has three settings – low, medium, and high. Low is perfect for keeping your bedroom dry air at the lowest possible setting and the medium is for those who need to add moisture to the air in the main living areas. High is great for allowing you to add humidifiers to the bedrooms and bathroom when needed. All you need to do is program your humidifier to work at a time and level of your choosing. Honeywell makes it simple and easy to get the moisture level you want in your home with the Honeywell HE360.

Honeywell HE120A whole house humidifier

Honeywell has built-in humidistat measures into their Honeywell HE120A whole house humidifier. I have been using a Honeywell digital humidifier since it was released over fifteen years ago, I feel that they are one of the best humidifiers on the market today. The humidifier works extremely well and has achieved exceptional results. The humidifier comes with two separate light bulbs, one with a red button and one with a green button, which is easily accessible by using the touch button on the humidifier itself. It comes with a built-in humidistat measure which enables the user to precisely set the moisture level required for their particular room.

I am extremely pleased with my Honeywell HE120A whole house humidifier, it comes with an automatic humidistat and with two light bulbs, which make it very convenient and easy to use. If you want to purchase one of the best humidifiers available, I highly recommend Honeywell’s HE120A because of its innovative design and capabilities. Honeywell has four different brands of humidifiers to choose from, they are Honeywell digital humidifier, Honeywell Elite humidifier, and Honeywell Ultimate humidifier.

There are many advantages to purchasing a Honeywell HE120A whole-house humidifier, and I am a firm believer that a Honeywell humidifier is an excellent investment. You can read Honeywell’s website for a detailed list of all the features and benefits of the humidifiers. I hope that this article has provided you with enough information to make a good decision about purchasing one. Remember, always do your research before making any major appliances or purchases, and stay away from any brand that has not been awarded a ringing success rating by both consumer review and doctor review.

Honeywell whole house evaporative humidifier

Honeywell whole-house humidifiers are a must-have appliance for those who are concerned about the quality of their indoor air. The Honeywell air purifier has an inbuilt mechanism that removes bacteria, dust mites, and other airborne particles from the air. It has been found that the air indoors is 10 times more contaminated than the air outdoors. Honeywell air purifiers have gained a high acceptance in the market for their ability to effectively remove all air-borne pollutants.

A Honeywell whole-house evaporative humidifier comes with a very high-efficiency motor. This high-performance motor ensures a constant supply of cool air in the room. The machine has a dual voltage system that supplies a constant 6 Volts to the compressor, which enables it to run silently under any kind of environment. Since the unit draws in clean air from outside the house, there is no chance of experiencing any kind of health problems from the air that you are breathing inside.

The Honeywell whole-house evaporative humidifier is portable, compact, and lightweight, and does not take up a lot of space. A person can carry it easily from room to room, even while traveling. Moreover, the humidifier is quiet under all circumstances; it does not make a loud buzzing sound. The humidifier also helps in removing mold and mildew from the air. In the case of pets, the unit is very helpful in removing pet dander. The Honeywell whole house evaporative humidifier is one such item, which not only keeps your room or office atmosphere breathable and healthy but also keeps you free of any respiratory problems that may be caused by the stagnating indoor air.

Honeywell whole house humidifier filters

Honeywell whole house humidifiers use two different types of filters: the evaporator pad and the under-mount humidifier filter. The pad is placed on top of the humidifier and is used to provide humidification throughout the entire house. The under mount humidifier is placed under the bed and can supply humidification to the entire home through the room air vents. The replacement filter for these systems must be replaced periodically according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Honeywell whole house humidifier filters protect against dust, mold, airborne particles, pet allergens, dust mites, and germs. Many of the filters available on the market remove 99.9% of the particles from the air. They can be installed in any bedroom or bathroom, and the air filter is easy to replace, requiring no drilling. The filters from Honeywell also have a safety feature that reduces the amount of heat loss from the unit.

Honeywell whole-house humidifier filters are affordable and can easily be replaced. When choosing a replacement, it is important to make sure the correct type of Honeywell humidifier filter is being used. For example, the brand name for the filters needs to match the humidifier model being replaced. In addition, the correct number of filter stages should be selected. Honeywell humidifier filters can be obtained at any local department store or by ordering online. These filters can also be purchased through many online retail stores.

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3 verified buyer reviews

  1. Steve

    The cut-out prototype that came with it was way too little. On the furnace side of the humidifier, there is a plastic ridge that must fit into the hole or the humidifier would not sit flush. At least 3 inches was missing from the template. It took a long time to install, but I understand that every case is different. I had an old Lobb WA2 with a much smaller hole and a return duct that didn’t even come close to fitting. The whole pipe had to be replaced.

    Aside from that, the humidifier seems to be working. I did remember the problem that someone else brought up about how simply pouring water down the drain wastes water. That is right. I suppose it’s the cost of not having a constant stream of water flowing through the device, which would cause mold to develop. The old Lobb was much more water efficient, but after a season of use, it would develop mold. I’ll pay attention to our water bill.

  2. Duane M

    While I took my time, it took me almost four hours to install. I purchased and mounted the Honeywell H6062A1000 HumidiPro Digital Humidistat/Dehumidistat (automatically adjusts) instead of the manual humidistat that came with the unit so that I wouldn’t have to make constant changes to the manual humidistat. Since I didn’t have enough space to mount the humidifier directly above my high boy HVAC, I placed it on the return next to it. I called Honeywell customer service, who assured me that this installation was appropriate.

  3. Lloyd

    So far, I’m pleased with the humidifier, and the insulation has gone smoothly. I can’t comment about how well the product performs because the heat isn’t turned on yet.

    The filter is the only problem I have. The humidifier filter on the left in the picture is the one that came with it. I was perplexed as to why it was brown and scaly right out of the box. I contacted Honeywell, and they told me it’s supposed to be white, just like the replacement filter I bought separately, which is pure white.

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