New York Clinics

Despite the growing need for urgent care in New York City, some clinics are closing their doors. One of the biggest healthcare providers in the city, CityMD, recently announced the temporary closure of twelve clinic locations. There are also many closures of other COVID vaccination and testing clinics around the city due to a shortage of workers. The new law also allows D&TCs and certain types of hospital outpatient clinics to provide primary care services outside their premises. The clinics must provide these services to patients whose primary care physician is unable to visit their location. To qualify for these services, the patient must be unable to travel to their primary care provider's office or hospital. This is considered a clinical impairment and a reasonable difficulty. The law also requires these clinics to collaborate with the state's home health service agencies and trade associations. New York clinics provide services to people of all income levels and health needs. Some offer general dentistry and specialty care such as oral surgery and dental implants. While many of these facilities accept private insurance, others offer sliding-fee scale dental services. Low-income patients may qualify for subsidized services. For example, the Onondaga County Dental Center offers dental services for low-income individuals and Medicaid members. In addition to providing basic dental care, free dental clinics in New York also provide a wide range of services. Many of these clinics are affordable and are partially funded by the federal government. In fact, thousands of people receive free dental care in New York each year. Residents of New York can also qualify for free health insurance plans.