Phoenix Clinics

In the Phoenix metro area, there are numerous urgent care centers. Nearly 300 clinics serve the community. Many of these centers are open seven days a week and do not require an appointment. Some are retail clinics, while others are subsidiaries of larger urgent care chains. Most urgent care centers are medically staffed and offer diagnostic and imaging services. The area also has many charity clinics. Many of these clinics are dedicated to helping people who cannot afford medical insurance. The Phoenix Allies for Community Health, for example, helps patients with limited or no insurance get necessary care. The Phoenix chapter of A Mission of Mercy helps people get prescription drugs for free. The Neighborhood Christian Clinic also offers specialty care to the underserved. If you or a loved one is a Veteran, the VA Phoenix Health Care System can help. Its team members are deeply experienced in serving the needs of veterans and their families. The facility also offers online health management and community events. It is important to call and schedule an appointment before you travel to Phoenix. You should also be prepared with the proper paperwork. For new patients, it is important to complete the Patient Registration Form. If you are an existing patient, please review the Financial Policy and Privacy Practices.