Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center

The Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center, founded by Rev. Dr. Williame Travatan, serves the surrounding areas of Eulogy Gardens, Hamar, and Yala. The center has been receiving donations from both private citizens and organizations since its inception. It serves as a resource center for the surrounding communities to provide access to quality health care as well as referrals to local aid groups. In this way, the center seeks to serve the entire community, focusing on providing a comprehensive range of integrated health care services to all ages and ethnic groups living in the area. Several of the resources available at the center focus on offering primary health care to children, pregnant women, and adults alike.

Some of the many activities the center facilitates include community-based initiatives such as fundraising for the food pantry, providing school children with healthy eating choices, conducting awareness events, and collaborating with the Yala National University. The center also provides low-cost or free primary health care to residents through the participation of several voluntary agencies. Some of these include the Yala National University, The Catholic Family Fund, and Sacred Heart Foundation.

The food pantry, run through the generosity of many concerned citizens, serves up a variety of healthy and filling meals. These are then delivered to the various homes belonging to the community. This pantry also runs several free cooking classes for local children. Through the years, the Bartz-Latino Community Health Center has built strong partnerships with other Latino community organizations, local government, and the local hospital.

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