Buena Park Community Clinic

The Buena Park Community Clinic, which serves the uninsured and under insured, is committed to providing quality health care in a convenient, friendly setting. Located just minutes from the busy La Jolla Cove, the Buena Park Community Clinic caters to the immediate needs of its clients. There are four main areas within the Buena Park Community Clinic: Urgent Care, Primary Care, Screen-ogged Care and Family Practice. The primary goal of the Buena Park Community Clinic is to provide high-quality, effective primary care services to patients who need urgent attention. Patients are seen within the shortest time possible, without unnecessary delays due to scheduling conflicts or illness. This clinic offers an expanded network of doctors, specialty doctors, dermatologists and other licensed medical professionals.

The Urgent Care area of the Buena Park Community Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive, quick acting care to individuals or families with urgent conditions. The primary goal is to reduce the wait time for surgery or other procedures. Urgent care services offer the same level of caring as any other clinic in the city but are staffed by licensed professionals who are committed to making patients feel comfortable and confident about their care. Most Urgent Care services offer a choice of visiting a private doctor for fast-acting treatment or going to the Buena Park Community Clinic for more comfort and privacy. The primary objective of the Buena Park Community Clinic is to make life-safer for the uninsured and under insured. Some services offered are pregnancy tests, blood work, STD tests, immunizations, diabetes testing, minor surgery, heartworm testing, and more.

The primary purpose of the Family Practice area of the Buena Park Community Clinic is to serve the general health care needs of all members of the Buena Park community. Family Practice patients have access to the latest medical technology and highly trained physicians. Services include annual physical exams, vaccinations, well-child checkups, low-cost vaccinations, immunizations against infectious diseases, diabetes management, and prescription drug plan options. This clinic provides low cost or free dental care to its patients and participates in the Dental Association of the Americas. The Buena Park Community Clinic invites you to be part of our caring community!

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