Burzynski Clinic

The Burzynski Clinic in Houston is the latest cancer treatment to come under fire for its high costs and ineffective therapies. The center claims to be a nationally recognized cancer center that uses cutting-edge treatment. However, the clinic has been in business for only five years, and its treatments are still quite costly, costing nearly $17,000 a month. In order to pay for its services, Melissa Hudson has turned to a GoFundMe account, started in January. As of March 2016, she has raised more than $46,000.

In November 2016, a friend of Bo Edwards was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. His wife had received treatment at the clinic 18 years earlier and was completely cured. He was told that his only options were radiation, which would only prolong his life marginally. After undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and antineoplastons, he was told to choose between radical surgery and chemotherapy, which would remove his shoulder and arm, and part of his upper chest.

A friend of Bo Edwards had undergone treatment at the clinic and cured her cancer. He had a very positive experience, and he was thrilled that his friend had found a cure at the Burzynski Clinic. His wife was also cured of a similar disease. He was given three treatments to choose from: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and experimental therapies. The clinic’s research division identified oncogenes in tumor samples, and it also provided antineoplastons. The clinic also provides 24-hour monitoring, rehabilitation, dietary supplements, and nutrition counseling.

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