Dr. Judith E. Kraft

In Sexuality and the Law, Dr. Judith E. Kraft claims that there is a substantial difference between the two concepts. While both speak of an intimate relation between a man and a woman, she maintains that sex is not always directed at reproduction but can be a loving relationship. She goes on to assert that while men may use sex as a means of procreation, they often fail to take the time to emotionally cultivate the relationship and allow for the development of love. This, according to Kraft, allows women to be free to pursue their own happiness without having to fear that their man will depart if they do not act out their sexual desires.

Sex, according to Kraft, is a deeply personal act. It involves feelings beyond the bounds of conventional relationship. While love may involve sharing physical intimacy, sexual intimacy is often more intimate. It involves being able to engage in a meaningful conversation with your lover that does not revolve around procreation or other biological concerns. The sexual act can be your way of expressing who you are and what you value.

When a couple is together, it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to please and need to please your partner. However, healthy sexuality is something that only two people involved can share. Being intimate with another person is about more than just physical pleasure. It takes the time to explore the innate differences of each other and to respect them. In Sexuality and the Law, Dr. Judith E. Kraft teaches readers how to enjoy the erotic charge of a relationship without the stigmas that accompany unfettered sexual expression.

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