Full Living: A Psychotherapy Practice

A Psychotherapy Practice Philadelphia based in Kensington, Pa., provides a free initial consultation. The director of the center matches clients with the most qualified therapists. Several therapists are experienced in a variety of areas, including psychotherapy, counseling, and family therapy. Each therapist has at least 30 years of experience and is trained to treat a range of problems. Listed below are the most popular services and therapists at Full Living.

Full Living A Psychotherapy Practice Philadelphia was founded last June by Karen L. Smith. She specializes in matching clients with the right psychotherapist based on stated needs, personality, and goals. This means that each client is treated as a unique individual. Additionally, each therapist is responsible for offering a different approach to psychotherapy, so the process is personalized. In fact, Full Living provides ongoing support for its clients.

As the name implies, Full Living is a private practice that focuses on finding meaningful matches between clients and psychotherapists. Their matchmaking process considers each client’s personality and stated needs. Their goal is to find a therapist who is compatible with their unique needs. In addition to personalizing the therapy process, Full Living also provides ongoing support to its clients. The staff of the practice is also dedicated to providing ongoing counseling.

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