Harris County Hospital District

Located in Houston, Texas, the Harris County Hospital District is one of the largest hospital systems in the country. The system includes three acute care hospitals, eleven health centers, and a freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic. The medical facilities are divided into five hospitals, one for children, and eight for adults. Patients can seek health care at any of these hospitals. The district also has more than 60 freestanding physician offices. Many Harris County residents rely on the system for their medical needs.

The District owns and operates four hospitals, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center, the Settegast Health Center, and the Thomas Street Health Center. The district also operates two mental health facilities, as well as the People’s Health Centre. All three are located in the heart of Houston. The system has been named after the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and is known as the “Harris County Hospital District.”

Besides its hospitals, the district also operates several clinics. The Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center and the Settegast Health Center are located in the Harris County Hospital District. The former People’s Health Center, which was the only public mental health center in Houston, was also part of the system. The district also runs the E. A. “Squatty” Lyons Health Facility, which is home to the Houston-Akron Children’s Medical Center.

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