Herald Christian Health Center

The Herald Christian Health Center is an assisted living facility for the elderly located in Brandon. It has two full floors with approximately six hundred beds and four hundred thousand square feet of space to serve their clients. They also provide home health care and a number of long term care services to residents such as, adult day care, home health care, respite care, home health aide care and occupational health care among others. This center was founded in 1997 by Dr. Earl Hauser, who had founded the Harvest Home nursing facility in Brandon several years before.

The senior center at the Herald Christian Health Center follows a method of holistic healing, which believes that people are composed of “rays” and” electromagnetism”. Each member of the center is charged with repairing that part of themselves that has been challenged by an illness or disease that affects them. For example, if a senior resident suffers from a heart attack, they will focus on repairing that part of themselves which is affected. Another way they provide this kind of spiritual healing is through Bible studies and spiritual talks that they provide for each of their seniors. They also have music and exercise, along with a spa and swimming therapies for their seniors. They strive to help each of their seniors have a “growing inward journey” so that they can become empowered.

The center strives to follow the model used by the Roman Catholic Church, which sees healthcare as part of a person’s spiritual being. They also have prayer rooms where patients can express their faith and discuss their concerns with the nurses and doctors. The doctors and nurses work together with the patients to make sure they are providing a high level of care for them in order to keep them healthy and fit. Patients can also go out of their rooms to visit other patients, which is something that not all assisted living facilities do.

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