JMK Community Health Center

The JMK Community Health Center was built in 2021 as a HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program in Los Angeles, California. This is one of the many similar centers that are scattered all over California, which provide a valuable service to communities in need. This is also one of the few places that offer holistic services in a mostly conventional setting. However, there is something special about this particular center, which makes it stand out from other similar organizations. The center’s guiding philosophy comes from the belief that people are spiritual beings, and that disease can strike those who are least expected to be receiving such treatment.

The center offers a unique blend of alternative medicine, traditional counseling, and holistic counseling, all of which are designed to help individuals overcome their illness and lead productive lives. Its focus is on treating the body as a whole, and not focusing on one aspect of the body. For example, although the majority of its practitioners are health care professionals, it acknowledges the right of parents to participate in the holistic approach of treatment. They are encouraged to do so, but they do not receive specialized training or counsel from the professionals. The holistic approach means that their holistic goals and methods are in harmony with the methods of Western medical practice, but still are promoting an understanding of the body and mind. Because of this, the JMK Community Health Center believes that by treating the mind and body simultaneously, there is a better chance of recovery for both the individual and his or her family.

One of the most effective aspects of the JMK Community Health Center is that it offers unconditional love and acceptance for all. Although the holistic approach means that the treatments of the adults are more geared toward helping them overcome a physical illness, the parents and children are treated using the same attitudes that any parent would have when dealing with an illness. Thus, the parents are given a good chance at controlling the negative effects of the illness through the holistic principles of the center, thereby helping the parent and child stay healthy. Many parents have reported that although they were initially apprehensive about the holistic methods being used on their children, once they understood how they would be affected as well as what would be the best approach for them to take, they came to see that the advantages of following the JMK approach far outweighed the possible disadvantages. Because of this, the center has continued to receive great testimonials from satisfied clients, thereby providing further proof that its methods work.

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