Laguna Beach Community Clinic

Laguna Beach is home to many excellent healthcare providers. There are many local hospitals and medical centers that are within walking distance, but many of these do not provide the quality care or the prices that residents of Laguna Beach are used to receiving. If you are looking for a top-notch, reliable healthcare provider, don’t waste any time: The best way to get this type of care in Laguna Beach is through a private community clinic. Unlike hospitals, which may sometimes have sketchy hours or are extremely expensive to use, most of these clinics are highly reputable and highly rated. In addition, they are staffed by highly educated professionals who truly give their patients the attention and the care that they need.

For many years, the Le Cordon Bleu Medical Center has been serving the Laguna Beach community. While it is no longer a hospital–Laguna Beach had its own hospital in the county, called the Palm Beach Healthcare Center–the two locations are close enough that many patients can easily make the commute to the center and undergo all of their healthcare needs there. This includes surgeries, doctor visits, laboratory testing, and other necessary procedures and exams. For those who live in or around Laguna Beach, this is a great option for routine care, as well as emergency care if something happens while out of town. The two hospitals are connected by numerous transportation options, including public and private transportation to both locations.

Another wonderful, reputable local clinic that offers excellent healthcare services is Pacific Health and Life Insurance Company. PHL already has a reputation of being one of the best in the country when it comes to providing excellent coverage for various medical conditions, and they have also expanded their range of services to include mental health as well. Many of the patients who come to PHL are able to stay at the facility while receiving psychiatric care, if needed. In addition to this, the Pacific Health and Life Insurance Company clinic do allow patients to use their own medical insurance while visiting the clinic. They simply have to call a toll free number to schedule an appointment.

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