Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center

A CBT Treatment Center specializes in treating anxiety disorders and stress-related disorders. Its practice principles are based on research and evidence-based practices. It is a holistic approach that focuses on treating the whole person. The CBT approach is especially important for the treatment of PTSD and panic disorder, as well as other related disorders. It respects the human spirit and aims to help patients overcome their affliction without compromising their lives or spirits.

The staff at Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center of Greater Chicago uses a combination of humor and insight in their work with patients. The compassionate atmosphere at the clinic helps patients develop a positive and supportive environment for treatment. Dr. Peterman specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders and will use her 20 years of experience to help clients learn how to challenge and modify their thoughts and behaviors. The therapy focuses on overcoming the root causes of anxiety and preventing recurrences of anxiety attacks.

Sarah Peterman, MD, MPH, RN, a highly-qualified clinician, is a skilled and experienced clinician. Her caring approach and humor are key components of her successful approach to treating patients with anxiety and stress. She uses evidence-based treatments and teaches her clients to challenge their own anxious thinking and behaviors. The therapy is highly personalized, utilizing research-proven best practices for treating anxiety.

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