Lindale Healthcare Clinic

The Lindale Healthcare Clinic is a chiropractic office located at 6219 Irvington Boulevard, Houston, TX 77024. The clinic is in the Northside Village neighborhood and offers services for a variety of ailments. The doctor’s training and experience has been honed over the years and his or her practice specializes in Rehabilitation Services and Emergency Medicine. Below are the clinic’s contact information. You can call the number below to schedule an appointment or learn more about the clinic.

This chiropractic clinic is staffed with qualified and licensed Doctors of Chiropractic who specialize in spinal alignment. This type of medicine focuses on the nervous system and its interrelationship with other systems. The treatments offered by the clinic have been successful in treating a range of issues including whiplash injuries, balance issues, and other conditions. They are also helpful in the treatment of sports and occupational injuries. This clinic is able to meet the needs of both children and adults.

The location of the clinic is another advantage of visiting this chiropractic office. It’s easy to find out the address and key contact person by calling the telephone number listed on their website. You can also use the ZIP CODE to contact the facility in case you have any questions about the location or services. You can call them on the phone to schedule an appointment. There are no online reviews or directory links for Lindale Healthcare Clinic Houston. The practice is located at 6219 IRVINGTON BLVD, HOUSTON 77022.

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