MayView Community Health Center

The MayView Community Health Center was recently named as a finalist in the IDEA’s Blue Shield program. The May View Community Health Center is one of the county’s premiere health care facilities and serves low-income families with a wide variety of health services. Services offered by the center include immunization and referral for annual flu shots, flu prevention, STD testing and treatment, and much more. The goal of the center is to provide high-quality, comprehensive health care to all of its patients.

According to the center, it strives to serve the entire Mayview community with its many offerings. The mayview community health center accepts most types of medical insurance and welcomes patients from across the county and across the nation. The center offers convenient, professional, medical service at a very reasonable rate. There are five full-service physicians on staff to provide diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic care to all residents.

The mayview community health center prides itself on its mission to provide the highest quality health care to all residents of Mayview. Its many programs include immunization and referral for annual flu shots; cancer screenings and services; physical exams and diagnostics; cardiology services including heart and blood pressure monitoring; and pharmacy services for all types of medications, over-the-counter and prescription. The center also partners with local hospitals to offer convenient walk-in care and psychiatric services, such as panic attacks support. Residents can even request emergency services at a walk-in clinic.

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