Medical Dermatology Associates

In the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Medical Dermatology Associates is an upscale, five-story medical clinic. The partners of the practice sought to redesign the existing facility to make it more inviting to patients. In order to achieve this, WTA explored a series of material and circulation layers to create separate loops for patients and visitors. The spaces are layered sequentially from public to private, with plank floors and gently curving panel walls, contrasting with the building’s existing white timber frame.

The Skin Care Center provides comprehensive Complete Skin Exams to detect skin cancer early. Board-certified surgeons are on staff at The Institute. Their expertise includes treating basal cell carcinoma with Mohs surgery, a highly effective method of removing cancerous tissue. Besides cancer treatment, Medical Dermatology Associates Chicago also offers cosmetic dermatology services to enhance the appearance of patients. These services are available to people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors.

There are several common types of skin cancer. While a few cases are rare, they can be quite aggressive. For this reason, early detection is critical. If you notice a mole or a lump, visit a dermatologist right away. During the examination, your doctor will check for suspicious lesions. Some of these are precancerous and require immediate medical treatment. A skin cancer consultation at Medical Dermatology Associates can help you get an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment.

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