Mountain Health And Community Services

Mountain Health and Community Services are an award winning non-profit organization that believes in providing quality health care and community access to those who live in the mountains. The mission of Mountain Health and Community Services is to strengthen the community and improve life for mountain people, while helping them to understand and preserve their natural environment. It also works to strengthen the economic foundation of the state. Their main activities include education, information gathering, direct service to the mountain people, health promotion and management, and advocacy on issues important to the community.

Education includes conducting seminars on current issues in the community, and providing literature relevant to current health problems. Information gathering includes conducting an in-person meeting with each household in the area, visiting schools and community organizations, and speaking with businesses and other government officials. Direct service involves working one on one with mountain residents to design a comprehensive health program. Advocacy includes working with state and federal agencies to implement community-based programs.

Mountain Health and Community Services offer a variety of programs. These programs focus on several areas such as physical health, immunization and disease prevention, elder care, women’s health, family development, occupational health, substance abuse and addiction, family counseling and therapy, and school wellness programs. These are just a few of the many services they offer. They also work with individuals and families to eliminate debt, improve home environments, and strengthen the family unit. Mountain Health has worked closely with the state and federal governments to implement preventative measures. They have also formed an intergovernmental organization called the Mountain Health Board to coordinate the public awareness of the issues facing mountain residents.

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