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My Family Doctor Houston is a personalized healthcare program. You can choose from a panel of family physicians and internal medicine specialists at the My Health Network office. MDVIP doctors are affiliated with the Houston Medical Center, as well as several other areas in the city. These doctors are trained to treat patients of all ages and conditions. Some of the benefits of using My Health Network include discounted rates, convenient hours, and convenient payment plans. The My Health Network offers the same level of medical care as other local practices.

The number of general practitioners and nurses in the team increased each year, with the number of family physicians decreasing by 6% per year. In 2013, the ratio of GPs to village doctors was 67.8%. In 2016, it was 74.6%. The difference between years was statistically significant. In addition, the rate of contracted household residents increased from 55.7% to 70.7%. The referral service’s analysis of patients’ visits to higher level hospitals showed an increase in the number of people transferring to the same physician from one doctor to another.

In 2016, the number of general practitioners per capita was 66.5%. The proportion of contracted residents decreased by 1.8% each year. However, the number of contracted household residents remained relatively stable. The proportion of patients referred to higher level hospitals decreased by 5.8% and remained statistically constant in both years. Overall, the number of visits to family doctors increased by 3% per year. In addition, the number of visits by permanent residents increased from 54.4% to 65.1%.

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