Northeast Community Clinic

The Northeast Community Clinic in New York is a well-known organization that provides quality affordable health care services to people living in the surrounding areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Established in 1964, the clinic serves a wide variety of different people living in the communities surrounding Brooklyn and Manhattan. These include women, children, men, senior citizens, and other individuals who may have varying needs for healthcare services. There are also many children who attend the Northeast Community Clinic with their families as well as professionals from the nursing field providing child care services. This all gives the Northeast Community Clinic the ability to serve the needs of people from every walk of life.

Because the center has expanded in its services over the years, there has been an increase in the number of doctors that are available to provide medical and other types of services to people living in the surrounding communities. In addition, there have been more outpatient services added in order to increase the amount of people that can receive affordable health care services. This allows people living in the areas to visit the clinic in the comfort of their home or office without having to worry about being burdened by long car rides to get to the closest medical facility that they need. There are also numerous onsite clinics to provide medical services to residents of the area as well.

One of the most popular services that are offered at the Northeast Community Clinic is a child care program that allows the parent to leave their child with an employee of the clinic for the afternoon, while still having some of their errands done. The benefits of this program to allow for both the parent and child to concentrate on school work, while the employee goes to work at their children’s needs. Additionally, the center offers different types of affordable health care insurance for its patients. Anyone who needs to find out more information on affordable health care insurance should contact the Northeast Community Clinic directly.

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