Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic

The Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, uses oxygen under pressure to treat a variety of medical conditions. The treatments at this facility are conducted by licensed hyperbaric technicians under the supervision of a medical director and hyperbaric consultant. The doctors and medical directors at Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic are committed to providing the highest quality care and exceeding patient expectations. During the treatment, patients are completely comfortable and relaxed.

At Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic, we provide HBOT treatments to help promote health and quality of life. We are passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal level of health and well-being. Although we focus on protein, fat, and other nutrients, it is essential to remember that oxygen is our most essential nutrient. The treatment helps our bodies utilize this vital nutrient. Our body needs at least one liter of oxygen every day, so it is important to get the right amount.

The mission of the Rx-O2 Hyperbaric Clinic is to improve the quality of life and promote health. It is an advanced healing technique that reduces inflammation and provides nutrients to the cells. In fact, the FDA has approved HBOT for non-healing wounds. The benefits are numerous and include the ability to improve a wide range of diseases and conditions. While this procedure is not for everyone, it is highly effective in promoting health and improving quality of life.

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