Santa Clara Family Clinic

The Santa Clara Family Clinic is a pediatrics practice in Houston, TX. This clinic is comprised of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who focus on the care of children and young adults. Pediatricians specialize in diseases and illnesses that affect children and young people. Common conditions treated by pediatricians include hypertension, diabetes, upper respiratory tract infections, dermatitis, pinkeye, and depression. The doctors at this practice can treat any type of health issue a patient may experience.

The doctors at Santa Clara Family Clinic, PLLC, specialize in family medicine and provide diagnostics for a variety of conditions. The practice treats a wide range of conditions. Unlike other medical specialties, family medicine focuses on taking care of the whole family. It also deals with common ailments and dysfunctions such as the flu and cold. Various important diseases and conditions are treated at the clinic. Some of these conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, and the common cold and flu.

The doctors at Santa Clara Family Clinic, PLLC specialize in family medicine and provide diagnostics and treatments for a variety of problems. The specialists at this practice specialize in treating a wide range of conditions. Because this specialty is focused on the health of the entire family, they treat a wide range of symptoms and illnesses. Some of the most common diseases and dysfunctions are cold and flu, asthma, high blood pressure, allergies, and hormone imbalance.

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