Santa Rosa Community Health Campus

The mission of the Santa Rosa community health campus is to provide excellent healthcare services to the residents of Santa Rosa. Services are offered to individuals as well as families who are looking for medical assistance. There are various types of clinics you can go to such as those that offer specialty care or general health services. When you visit one of the community health campuses, you will be greeted by a trained medical assistant who will help you with any questions that you may have. They also can help you fill out any forms that you may need and instruct you on proper health care procedures.

The average yearly cost for an individual who visits the Santa Rosa community health center for healthcare services is around sixty-nine dollars. Because these healthcare centers are not for profit they have lower overhead costs than some other locations. For this reason they are able to offer many different types of healthcare services for the insured at a very affordable price. The services range from general health screening, preventative screenings and appointments to administer flu shots. Some of the other more popular types of services offered at these community health campuses include annual physicals and cancer screenings.

If you have ever attended a public hospital or nursing home, you know what these establishments can offer you. These places offer a limited amount of healthcare services and are often overbooked. In addition to this, you may have to wait days or even weeks for an appointment since the number of people who are waiting in line to be seen is so high. At a community health center you will find that the waiting time is minimal and you can have an appointment within a matter of minutes. Because the staff is very friendly and understanding, you will not feel like you are bothering them. Instead, you will feel at ease and comfortable while receiving proper healthcare treatment at one of the centers in the Santa Rosa area.

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