Serve the People Community Health Center

Serving the People with Community Health Centers, sometimes called after the first United States federal government’s Community Health Centers, is a mission statement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. In short, this act was established to assure that Americans have proper access to proper health care services. Under the terms of the act, all Americans residing in all states are required to register with the portability-agility departments at the state’s department of health and human services and comply with the privacy regulations. This way, the people’s right to privacy is protected. As a member of the community, an individual should be given the opportunity to receive health care and the protection of the rights to obtain it without any hassle or harassment.

The basic function of these facilities is to help Americans find the right health care and health insurance. Many a time, people are apprehensive when opting for health insurance. It is one of the most important purchases they make, along with their homes. They do not want to take chances and end up paying too much for health care. To avoid this, many Americans go in for monthly health insurance premium payment, thinking that they will only pay if they get sick or injured.

However, this is not the case. Under the present circumstances, people need to get insured as soon as possible. They do not know when illness might strike, but they do know how to seek medical help in time. In such a scenario, enrolling for Health Care Insurance now is more important than any other activity people engage in today.

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