St. Jude Neighborhood Clinic

The St. Jude Neighborhood Clinic is located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 1985, the clinic offers a variety of services that can help anyone who might have health related problems. Services offered by the St. Jude Neighborhood Clinic include general physicals, screenings for diabetes, hypertension and other diseases of the body, surgical procedures as well as psychiatric care. In addition to its medical services, the St. Jude offers counseling services as well as referral services to various other health problems. All treatments received at the St. Jude are confidential.

The St. Jude Healthcare complex is surrounded by housing projects and parks on its south side as well as by the Botanical Garden, adjacent to uptown Charlotte. This gives the clinic an “urban” environment as well as the environment to treat its patients in a comfortable environment. In addition to the usual physical examination and screening of patients, the St. Jude also offers tests such as MRIs, blood tests as well as x-rays to run in conjunction with the regular health check-ups. The St. Jude staff is very understanding and helpful and strives to make every patient feel at home.

If you or a family member is struggling with any type of chronic or life-threatening disease, the St. Jude Healthcare complex has a number of doctors and specialists who can provide the type of expert care that you need. The St. Jude Healthcare network has doctors who are board certified and are members of the American College of Surgeons, which has been accredited by the ACS. In addition, all of the physicians at the St. Jude are members of the American Medical Association as well.

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