Summerwood Family Clinic

The staff offers a variety of medical services. Contact details for the center are listed below. The number of physicians practicing at Summerwood is 2. You can call the office at (713) 829-4377 to schedule an appointment. There is no cost to use this clinic’s services.

I did not like this clinic at all. The staff is rude and constantly talks. The management does not care about the patient and only cares about how much they’re billed and their co-pays. There are a lot of positive reviews for this clinic, but I was not impressed with the experience I had. I would recommend this clinic to others but will not use it again. I did not have a great experience at Summerwood Family Clinic.

The staff is rude and obnoxious. When they are talking to you, the staff is talking and interrupting. They don’t care about what the patient needs but how much they can bill their insurance and collect co-pays. The management is not interested in the patients at all and does not seem to care about them. They are too busy trying to make money and keep everyone happy. The quality of the service is terrible, but it is worth it.

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