SunCloud Health

SunCloud Health is a leading provider of residential and integrated outpatient treatment for eating and substance use disorders. Located in Lincoln Park, Illinois, this treatment facility has been recognized as an Executive Member of the Eating Disorders Coalition and is a Gold Seal-accredited health care center. The care it provides is focused on patient safety, and all clinical teams have completed rigorous training. Patients benefit from compassionate, personalized service and a holistic approach to recovery.

Dr. Roseann Rook is a Psychiatrist at SunCloud Health Chicago. Her practice specializes in treating Process Addictions. She has worked in the field for 15 years and teaches a course on addiction and psychiatric treatment. She is passionate about helping people live healthy, drug-free lives. She is also the Program Manager of SunCloud Health’s Lincoln Park location. The facility is dedicated to preventing relapse and reversing addictions.

The program is led by Dr. Mara Y. Schieber, a board-certified clinical psychologist and an executive member of the Eating Disorders Coalition. The treatment model is based on process groups, and Dr. Rook discusses the importance of treating co-occurring disorders as well as eating disorders. Megan Cummens, a Treatment Coordinator at SunCloud Health, also discusses the importance of addressing co-occurring disorders and addressing eating disorders.

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