The Green Medical Practice

The Green Medical Practice Chicago was founded by a group of doctors and is committed to promoting sustainable health care. Founded in 2000, the organization offers hospital and physician partners comprehensive environmental solutions to improve their health care facilities, operations, and healing environments. The initiative focuses on eliminating harmful chemicals and substituting safe alternatives to maintain a healthy healing environment. It also promotes business-smart initiatives to protect communities from increased diseases and severe weather events.

In addition to these measures, hospitals and practices should engage in zero-waste policies and engage with suppliers for sustainable products. By promoting zero-waste policies, hospitals and physicians can reduce their waste and improve human health and the environment. Using sustainable food systems and reducing water usage are two great areas to start improving sustainability. The use of water is another area where efficiency and cost savings can be achieved. The goal of each practice should be to use water efficiently and responsibly.

One way to promote sustainability in the health care sector is by implementing energy-efficient equipment. By adopting sustainable technologies, hospitals and physicians can save on electricity, water, and other costs. In addition, they can reduce their environmental impact by introducing zero-waste policies or using sustainable disposal options. The use of water is a good place to start improving sustainability. Many top-performing institutions have an executive-level champion who champions the issue.

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